Vadilal Industries Ltd is an Indian ice cream and flavoured milk manufacturer.

Basic Information

Founded in 1907, Vadilal is one of the largest processed food manufacturers in India with significant exports of frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries, and breads. Vadilal offers a large range of ice creams in the country with multiple flavors and packs, across forms (cones, candies, bars, ice-lollies, small cups, big cups, family packs, and economy packs). In addition to a supermarket presence, Vadilal also has a retail presence through its Happinnezz ice-cream parlour, which are run through a franchisee model. Since Vadilal started by catering to the people of Gujarat, all their products are vegetarian and do not use eggs. Vadilal entered the processed foods industry to optimise utilisation of its extensive cold chain network in the 1990s. It caters to the domestic and export markets with products such as frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries and breads, in addition to the traditional core ice cream business. Vadilal Industries has two ice cream production facilities – one at Pundhra in Gandhinagar district, Gujarat and the other one at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. See more

Legal Name


Vadilal Industries Ltd



Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


501 to 1000

Core Team


Ramchandra Gandhi



Rajesh Gandhi

Managing Director


Rahil Gandhi

Chief Executive Officer