company logo is an AI-powered multilingual virtual physician by Delhi-based Grainpad Pvt Ltd.
Basic Information
Founded by Dr Rohit Sharma in 2017, Zini provides genuine expert medical guidance and directs patients to seek timely medical help. Accessible through an app, Zini allows users to ‘Talk to Zini’ about any medical symptom or health issues. With an Alexa-like experience, the app can evaluate 950+ health symptoms, 300+ diseases, provide a detailed report, recommend the best course of action and share details of nearby medical facilities that a patient can reach out to. Zini has been trained on medical data very specific to the Indian population. Over the last few years, Zini’s medical team of 10+ doctors have curated a database of symptoms, the reasons behind them, and the possible course of action for the symptoms. Available on Android, users can download the app and start using Zini as their personal health guide. Each user gets a Unique Global Health ID where all the relevant information about the patient gets recorded. Zini currently works with 5 hospitals, 10+ telehealth platforms, and has 15,000+ Android users, thus validating its use case in an array of market segments.
Legal Name
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Founding Date
No. of Employees
101 to 150
Core Team
Rohit Sharma
Founder, CEO & MD
Kamran Farhat
Chief Marketing Officer
Solarus Group