Kashmir women's helpline receives over 50 calls within eight days of launch

Earlier this month, a women’s helpline was set up in Kashmir. The helpline has received more than 50 calls so far.

Kashmir women's helpline receives over 50 calls within eight days of launch

Friday May 10, 2019,

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On May 2, a toll free helpline aiming to help the women of Kashmir quickly register their complaints and curbing crimes against women well in time, was launched. Based in the Rambagh district of Srinagar in Kashmir, the helpline has registered more than 50 calls within eight days of its launch. Most of the complaints so far have been about domestic violence and harassment by husbands and in-laws.

According to data about the calls that was accessed by a news agency, the majority of calls were received from Anantnag district in South Kashmir and Budgam district in Central Kashmir. Most of the women who called in, said that they were being harassed, intimidated and beaten by their husbands.

An official posted at the women's police station in Rambagh said that while most calls were about domestic violence and harassment, they also received calls about eve teasing, and a few about boys uploading pictures of girls on social media websites.

While calls from Srinagar were attended to at the police station in Rambagh, calls from other areas in Kashmir were directed to their respective districts with relevant contact information and references.

"For example, when we received calls from Anantnag district, we directed the caller to approach the women’s wing of their concerned police station in their respective districts. We provided them all the contact numbers and references as well," the official said. "The complaints of harassment by husbands and in-laws from the callers from Srinagar district were entertained in the police station Rambagh itself," he added.

The official, who maintains the book of call-logs at the women's police station in Rambagh, said that many of the callers who reported being subjected to domestic violence neither identified themselves nor revealed their locations. These calls are still being verified for authenticity.

Women in Kashmir are encouraged to come forth and contact the helpline in case of emergency or need any assistance. The women's helpline can be reached at 9596770601 and 9596770602.

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