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International Day of Service - An Initiative by Bakul Foundation, Odisha

Sunday May 08, 2016,

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Bakul Foundation, a movement for volunteerism in India that started with state of Odisha, has been trying to demonstrate the power of volunteerism and in keeping with the spirit; it has been observing the International Day of Service every May since 2011 and the National Day of Service on the 2nd of October every year. These days were designed to make it possible to volunteer and serve the underprivileged.

These are not days handed down by the government or UN agencies but have now been prominent because they were created and made popular by volunteering. This year Bakul is celebrating the International Day of Service (IDOS) on May 8th, Sunday.

Why International Day of Service (IDOS)?

With the understanding that many young people are probably more inspired to volunteer after an opportunity to do so more than any speeches, Bakul decided to create this excuse for people to volunteer in partnership with other friends across the world. This event celebrated in May, is however, celebrated in the biggest way in India in 26 cities in India by volunteers of Bakul and their friends, who go to orphanages, old age homes, slums, etc. and offer a few hours of service.

What you can do?

You can join an existing group in your city and/or create a group with 3-4 persons or more and go to a Slum, shelter home (orphanage) or old age home, and spread joy with fun-filled activities. The idea is to do a little service for the community.

You are encouraged to begin an initiative yourself or in a group of your own. You can either decide your activity destination or ask them for ideas. The choice is open to you.

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