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Taking a Chance on Me

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Wednesday January 11, 2017,

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When a friend who had written a novel requested me to give my opinion as professional editor I did just that. Sapna Bhog my friend had penned down her first romance novel three years back but didn't know what to do as far as getting it published was concerned.

It showed a lot of promise and had been written with much love and dedication. I thus decided to help her get it published but all my contacts didn't come through none of the publishers wanted come forward and publish a new author. 

Not to give up on such a beautifully written book I decided to take the plunge as a publisher. A tough task indeed. Becoming an entrepreneur was a daunting task but I had read somewhere that all it takes to begin is the desire and the initiative.

Taking a chance on my friend Sapna Bhog's book "Take a Chance on Me" and many hurdles and impediments later I became a publisher. 

I have a tough and exciting road ahead. Many stories remain to be heard and published and AARAHAN PUBLISHERS promises to be a launch pad for many a unheard author and story writer.