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5 most innovative uses of GPS that its designers could scarcely have imagined

5 most innovative uses of GPS that its designers could scarcely have imagined

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

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The Global Positioning System, commonly known as GPS, when initially became available to civilians for use it was utilized as a simple map tool to aid drivers. However, as the time passed by it was realized that the superior system could serve more than just a mere map tool. As it can go far beyond travel to areas like monitoring kids, farming, gaming and even animal tracking, besides helping people save time and gas money on long trips. Just like any new tool, people want to use the GPS for everything they can and increasing the availability of the technology led to many new insights. The following are a few of the many innovative ways GPS technology is used so far.    


1. Aiding Agriculture to Boost Yield

As the world population continues to grow, efficient food yield is becoming increasingly important. One way agriculture sector is keeping the food supply up and prices down is by leveraging GPS technology to guide farmers efficiently plant and harvest with precise data. Moreover, both small and large-scale farms are combining the power of GPS together with other technology, such as GIS (geographic information systems) to optimize factors like proper irrigation and soil treatment for growing different crops.  

2. Providing Immersive Gaming Experience

Since the GPS has hit the mainstream, people have been thinking of ways to use it in different industries, and gaming industry was no exception as they too wanted to have fun with the technology. One fine example is geocaching that was launched back in the early 2000s. The game enables individuals to bury different items and list a GPS position on an app or message board for others to find. In 2016 the industry saw the launch of Pokémon GO, a newer evolution of geocaching, sweeping the gaming aficionados off their feet. The absorbing game allows players to use GPS to locate monsters that they see and train using a mobile application on their cell phones and custom designed interactive bracelet. Now latest speculations suggest soon people may see games that could combine GPS and virtual reality headsets to deliver the most immersive gaming experience up till now. Nevertheless, no such game has been announced at this point in time.   

3. Tracking Vulnerable Loved Ones

We all are leading increasingly busy lives today and struggling to juggle our home and work commitments. In this state of busyness, keeping a track of your vulnerable loved ones seems mission impossible. With a GPS location tracking app like xnspy or a corresponding wrist band, wandering kids and their grandparents can be traced quickly and easily without you having to call the authorities. Losing track of a family member can be a terrifying experience, but mobile monitoring apps and GPS devices have greatly helped resolve this issue. In fact, some tracking apps even allow professional parents to set alerts on specific areas such as schools, universities, homes, hospitals, etc. with geofencing to receive a notification every time their child or an elderly individual enters or leaves a specified zone. With this technology, many seniors are already enjoying increased independence than ever before. Likewise, parents are better able to keep an eye on their kids using GPS location apps that not only keeps them safe from worldly hazards as well as virtual perils.  

4. Keeping Eye on Employees and Vehicle Usage

Whether there is suspected misuse of company vehicles or a business owner wants to track the location of their field employees to ensure they are not wasting time on non-work related tasks, installing a tracking app on their smartphone or attaching a GPS transmitter can prove extremely beneficial. Keeping track of company vehicles allow businesses to save gas money and hold the drivers accountable for questionable trips and locations. Similarly, xnspy mobile monitoring apps enable corporations to stay in the know of their field workers’ exact location. Business executives can take swift action if they see an employee has made a stop at a competitor’s office or cinema instead of visiting a client.   

5. Saving Animals in Danger of Extinction

When it comes to illegal trade and poaching of exotic animals, many would agree that prevention is better than punishment. National Geographic has already taken grave measures toward saving elephants with GPS-tracking devices. The technology has proved a great investment as it helped them to investigate and put an end to the felonious organizations largely responsible for the ivory trade. In addition, tracking collars worn by endangered species aided zoologists uncover how changing environments are affecting animals’ habits, which enabled them to employ successful preservation strategies. 

Final Thoughts


The designers could barely have imagined some of the applications people have come up with for GPS in the present day. These innovative means are far from comprehensive as there are more novel uses for the technology being developed every day. Today, GPS is connecting the world and people in ways that were never perceived before, which increased both business and recreational opportunities as well as saving lives.