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Increase your creativity by playing with your readers

when there is no idea what to write about but you do not want to lose your readers - do not dare to confess them immediately about the empty creativity fuel tank. My experience showed: Be wiser and stop your blogging machine under the pretext of inviting them (your readers) to enjoy the free time playing a provocative game!

Increase your creativity by playing with your readers

Friday March 24, 2017,

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Whether you’ve been blogging for three years or three months, there’s going to be days where you struggle to come up with some fresh content to engage your readers. Still, it’s important to come up with something – by not posting, you can risk losing your audience and seeing less traffic to your blog. Well, sometimes it is even worthy to ask for a help some essay writing service to save high respectability and position. 


When you feel like you’re grasping at straws, it can be helpful to reach out to your audience to find out what they want to read and see. However, it’s tough to get these answers by asking the question directly, as sometimes people will use the opportunity to further their own interests by linking to their own content. Instead, get more honest responses from your blog readers by making the question into a game.

Involve your audience

One thing that never helps solve a creativity issue is confessing to your readers that you’re struggling. Be wise – take a break from coming up with fresh, original content under the pretext of inviting your audience to engage with you through a game. Interacting with your readers helps build relationships and loyalty and can be accomplished with just a little bit of effort.

Ask for help – but not for blog topics. Your readers can provide a wealth of knowledge to help with any kind of situation, so look at what’s happening in your life and find an area where you could use a bit of advice. Letting your readers give you their tips and tricks will help them feel more invested in your blog, and they’ll keep coming back.

An easy way to engage with readers is by responding to their questions – whether that’s through the comments or forum section of your blog, or directly via email. This shows your audience that you’re paying attention to them, and you care about how they react to the content you’re sharing on your blog. Readers will be thrilled to hear from you, and they’ll look for more opportunities to engage further.

For the braver bloggers out there, you’ll always see more comments if you can share opinions on controversial topics. This can generate some great discussions between you and your readers, but be prepared to listen to other opinions on whatever topic you’ve chosen to discuss. It’s a great way to talk about something important to you and get your audience contributing in their own way.

Let’s play a game!

There are tons of ways to get your audience contributing to your blog without asking direct questions and getting a bunch of self-serving responses. Here are some suggestions for games you could set up to engage with your readers.

1. Post a beautiful picture and ask readers to come up with a caption.

2. Describe a potential new post and ask for suggestions for a title.

3. Talk about the latest film, book, or TV series – ask their opinions!

4. Make a spelling mistake. People love finding and pointing out errors!

5. Set up an anonymous survey or a poll to get to know your readers better.

There’s tons of other games you could play, too. Think about what kind of information you want to collect from your audience, and tailor a game to suit that need. Your audience is looking to engage with you, so let them!

Time to gather toys

Once you’ve gotten some responses from your readers, take some time to compile the information you’ve collected and see what it tells you about your audience. You can use this to see what kinds of things people will want to see on your blog, based on their reactions to trending films or anonymous survey responses, and get some inspiration for what kind of content you should write and publish in the future.

Just like little kids gathering their toys at the end of a play-date at the sandbox, they could end up taking more toys than you had before, or switching toys with someone else. The same can happen to you with your readers – you can pick up some new ideas, or engage in a productive creative exchange with your audience. And you’ll both be looking forward to the next play-date!