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Digital World Needs More Women

Digital World Needs More Women

Thursday November 02, 2017,

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In both educational and professional arena, women are as qualified as men to enter the digital world. However, the gender gap is most evident in this digital area than in others.

Why is this Gender Gap in Digital World?

In large companies, women are excluded from their main work force even when they have the same training as men they hire. Exclusion can take place for several reasons unknown.

If women stay outside the main working areas, then it will undoubtedly impact her career at some point in time in her job.

Contrary to what most of the professionals believe, the reality is that women are more capable for this sector. Some of the reasons are as given below:-

1) Approximately 80% of purchasing decisions are made by women. They know the pulse of consumer behavior.

Creative, bold and always active women think and do many different tasks by day. Their mind adapts to think innovatively and efficiently. So they have more facilities to solve problems, create creative solutions to everyday problems and therefore increase productivity at work. Whether it is marketing, digital marketing or any other technology field women can understand requirement of consumers more than men. Whether it is digital marketing, web design, SEO  or any other sector, women have outperformed men in every sector.

3) Companies that hire women have better results — According to the European Commission, companies that incorporate women into its main workforce get a return of 30% higher than those companies that rely on mundane/stale policies and promote gender gap.

4) Women can create a more competitive environment — If there are only men competing against other men, there would be less competition. Presence of women in any sector will make the environment more competitive which will increase the overall performance of any organization.

5) Make the economy to grow — The incorporation of women workforce in the digital sector can cause a growth of 5% in countries like the US and up to 34% in Egypt according to the estimate by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The inclusion of women in the digital environment is everyone’s responsibility because everyone needs to ensure that women are not discriminated when accessing jobs. The digital world needs women, and to achieve this, it needs the help of all.

Source: Helios7.com