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SEO generates not only traffic but also goodwill of a company

Saturday May 27, 2017,

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-In Today’s world everything is becoming digitally online i.e. all the information, exchange processes, social connectivity are becoming online. An organization must go for search engine optimization service for effective marketing and making their website services and product popular on their targeted keyword and more transparent by various tactics of attracting the crowd in a productive way of marketing.

-A question must be arising in your mind what is basically SEO service? let me make it clear to you further

-What is SEO?

-SEO is search engine optimization which optimizes website by promoting it digitally by bloging, advertisements, social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and in many more ways, this will help the viewer to attract the traffic to the website, if the content is without duplicancy and upto the mark then it is very help full to generate traffic for the website. Even visitors will be convert as a client.

-Now a question must be arising how to choose a SEO Company?

-Their are many SEO Company’s working for promotion of the website and as every coin have two sides heads and tails in a same way there are two type of SEO companies good and bad how to know which company is good or bad can be known by the points mentioned further.

-A Good SEO company will optimize their customers company’s website in a proper way with appropriate placements of the required link and providing useful information and advertising it on all the available outlets as per the content and not faking the content so that the traffic created with the help of advertisements would not leave by just opening the website, and thus the customers website will be promoted in a proper manner and will not be blacklisted by search engines. A good seo company will be truthful and transparent to their customers they will be sharing all the detail about their planning to their customers.

-A Bad SEO company can do many things to destroy a website or goodwill of the customer. 1st they can create fake traffic by anonymous submission of various ip addresses and then they can do fake advertisement of the customer website the advertisement might attract crowd to the website but a healthy crowd is required to everyone so that transaction or promotion can be done in an effective way , fake advertisement are always reported and it is foreseen by Google if it is been caught by Google than they can even black list the website which will be a huge loss. Thus, the customer must choose a good seo company and not a click and bait SEO company.

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