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Best time to visit exciting places in Dubai - book tickets & plan today

Best time to visit exciting places in Dubai - book tickets & plan today

Wednesday May 24, 2017,

9 min Read

“Everyone is just living then why not live to tell the tale”

Do you wish to take a break from your busy routine life to a place where you can do all wonders? Then, don’t wait for the perfect day to take a break. It never seems to come as we are always surrounded by some or the other work and forget to care about ourselves.

To get away you don't need any magic to disappear. All you need is a destination and a plan. A place full of adventures, romance, leisure getaways where you can feel as a bird in the sky taking to winds, a fish in water listening to sound of waves and seagulls, dining under the stars, and much more.

And that adventurous land is Dubai.

I visited Dubai recently (in April) and to me, Dubai is the land that reminds me of that I can shake the sands from my shoes but not from my soul.

Here, I have shared my best experience to let you travel some of the majestic parts of this gigantic city.

Remember the best time to travel Dubai is between November and April because:

1. The weather is amazing during these months and you’ll surely love to spend time under the cool blue sky & winds. Other than these months Dubai is only Hot & Hotter.

2. The majority of the city's festivals can be seen during this period.

3. This is also the peak tourist season.

So get ready to share your Dubai diaries to your friends and people around.

Tip: Carry a printed map or a pocket tourist guide of the city you’re visiting. It will help you in numerous ways and save your valuable time. You can get a Free Map, Metro Guide and Tourist Attractions from the airport or hotel.

Listed below are the places you cannot afford to miss out when in Dubai:

Starting With The Travel Plan To The City:

Day Trips & Excursions:-

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is a mega tall skyscraper with 163 floors. The wonder of Burj Khalifa is the elevators that only take a minute to reach the observation deck which is on the 124th floor of the building. You must be amazed by the fact that Burj Khalifa was made possible by the collaboration of more than 30+ on-site contracting companies from around the world.

When you are making your way to the top, Burj Khalifa reveals an immersive journey through which you discover the compelling story behind the design and construction of the iconic tower. Isn’t it amazing?

If anyhow you get a chance to visit the Khalifa building in foggy weather, you will see from the top a thick layer of fog settles over the city of Dubai. The view from Burj Khalifa's Observation Deck is something to behold. It appears as though you are standing above the clouds. So book your tickets for a walk in heaven on earth.

Dubai Creek:

Running through the heart of the city, you will find Creek segregates Dubai into two districts. These two are Bur Dubai and Deira. Bur Dubai is the center part of Dubai. And when you’ll roam around in Deira you’ll see old style buildings that will depict the royal Arabian hospitality, bustling gold souks and wooden dhows (Arabian sailboat). This make the Creek must visit the landmark of the city.


Don’t forget to go for the dhow cruise during the night (you can also go for a noon trip too). The time that you’ll spend in the dhow will be full of glorious and memorable sightseeing. Enjoy the traditional entertainment shows by way of Tanura and horse show.

Dubai Museum:

Dubai museum ‘Al Fahidi Fort’ is one of the oldest building in Dubai. The museum main gate is guided by the two cannons that were used to protect the fort and harbor.

The museum has a monument wing which exhibits rare antique monuments such as tombs, weapons, pottery, and buildings. Entrance to the galleries showcases the old maps of Dubai also see a video of Dubai, how they discovered the oil in the 1960s and pearl in the sea. You'll surely have goosebumps while seeing the video of the pearl drivers life, of how they worked from sunrise to sunset in search of oysters.


This deeply rooted civilization of the city has made efforts to led Dubai to its current state of progress and pioneering. The tickets are extremely affordable and you can hire pickup and drop services facility to the Dubai Museum.

Musandam Khasab Day Trip and Cruise:

Musandam Peninsula in Dubai is a fantastic place to spend your weekend. You will love the mountain and coastal views when you cross Oman and head for Khasab (the capital of Musandam). Many tourists all around the world come to visit the fjords and khors of Musandam Khasab.

Image Source: Musandamdibba

Image Source: Musandamdibba

Shop, Adventure, Dine & Relax:-

The Dubai Mall:

Spread over 13 million square foot, Dubai Mall is equivalent to the total size of more than 50 football fields. These figures make Dubai Mall one of the biggest shopping centre in Europe.

If you are a sports enthusiast, shopaholic, book worm, adventure seeker or a food lover Dubai Mall is the one place for all. Over 1200+ shops are there to be discovered. Apart from the retail shops, you can visit the Dubai aquarium, children's theme parks, leisure center, a cinema and the Dubai ice rink.

Take a look at the Dubai aquarium & underwater zoo which is the biggest attraction in the mall and experience the existence of 33000+ aquatic animals along with the dangerous sand tiger sharks and stingrays swimming overhead. Woah!!

Dubai Dragon Mart:

The perfect mall (also called the biggest China Mall in Dubai. ) if you’re planning to spend a little penny to shopping. Easy to bargain with a heck lot of china products best in quality items like lighting & commercial, merchandise & fabric, household goods, furniture & homewares.

Don’t miss it I am sure you’ll enjoy shopping here at The Dragon Mall.

Desert Safari:

Full of adventure ride this dune bashing is going to be the best ride of your Dubai tour. This one-day excursion will start from the desert to the attractive spots in between like Camel Safari, Sand Ski/board, Shisha, Bar Be Que Dinner and Belly Dancing.


You’ll also stop to watch the beautiful sunset and then move accordingly to your guide’s instruction. Enjoy the campsite arranged for you, which includes sand boarding & henna design in hands and foot (known as mehndi in Indian culture).

If you want to book the best go for DesertSafariDubai, I booked this tour before I planned for the desert safari.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight:

Balloon adventure is the perfect sport to do in Dubai to experience the land of the desert from above. Simply wonderful and entertaining 4 to 6 hours tour combined with a tailored gourmet breakfast with platinum luxurious Range Rover off road vehicle.

After the Balloon Flight, if you want to celebrate something very special, you are recommended to go for a fine dinner under the stars inside a royal desert retreat that is indeed unforgettable. At their service you’ll be welcomed with six-course dinner served on a table of an antique Arabic wooden, complete with silk carpets and soft, fluffy cushions along with the bonfire. Do experience this because only the privileged few will be the lucky enough to evidence the beauty.

Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World:

Ferrari world & Yas Waterworld are in Abu Dhabi. In fact, Yas Waterworld is the next door to Ferrari World.

Ferrari World - If you are a crazy lover of recreational rides then Ferrari World is the perfect place for you. It is the world's first Ferrari-themed park, spend a day and discover every facet of the Ferrari story, take a ride on the fastest roller coaster, enjoy the best of dining attractions and much more.

Yas Waterworld - Yas Waterworld is the largest water kingdom spread around over 15 hectares in the capital. With over 45 water rides four among them are one of a kind that you might have never seen in any water park. Interesting fact about this water world is it is based on a legend, of a girl named Dana. She was from the pearl diving village called Qaryat Al Jewana. One day that pearl was lost in a fierce storm and the village lost his wealth. This girl dana bought that pearl crossing hurdles that came across her way. Yas Waterworld also has a unique pearl diving experience with interactive treasure hunt games that will awaken the hero in you.


Tip: If you go alone for Ferrari world, tickets per person will cost $98 and tickets for the Yas Waterworld will be $98.

You can save BIG ($64) if you take the combo and book your tickets for both the parks together. So have an unlimited fun to both the parks.

Small Super Saver City Sightseeing Tour Tip That Will Save Your Time To Make The Most Of your Trip:

To have the whale of time and to save the most you should not skip Dubai City Half-Day Sightseeing Tour. This is held by the expert guides that will take you to the main attractions and guide you best about the past history of the city. Places they cover are Jumeirah beach & Mosque to Burj Al-Arab Hotel, moving ahead see the plush villas and hotels, to old Bastakiya to get the glimpse of Dubai past years, Al Fahidi fort, Deira Gold Souq, Dubai Creek and much more. I hired the same service and found the tour worth every penny.


Final Thoughts!

I’m sure the above mentioned places will make your Dubai trip a memorable one. I have shared my best experience along with tips and suggestions that are required.

Do let me know which places you visited in Dubai and how was your experience?

If you like this post, do share it with your friends and help them to plan their Dubai trip.