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Read this to know if you are you REAL or FAKE ?


Friday August 18, 2017,

2 min Read


A real flower and fake flowers look alike, but they are not exactly the same. Some fake flowers tend to look so real that people believe it to be real at first glimpse. People are also real and fake like flowers.

A real flowers blooms and also dries. (The real people become happy and also sad).

A real flower is affected by its surrounding /environment but fake flowers are not affected. (The real people are affected by their surrounding/ environment but the fake people are not affected. There is no effect on the fake people; their heart does not melt when they see someone unhappy or in pain).

A real flower spreads its fragrance for free but fake does not have any natural fragrance at all, it just looks beautiful from outside. (Real people share love freely. Fake people just pretend to love others).

A real flower spreads its fragrance without any discrimination. (The real people also behave without any discrimination).

Butterflies are attracted towards the real flower and find nectar. (People are attracted towards real people and learn something good).

A real flower contains nectar. (There are good qualities in the real people). Real flowers never stop anybody from taking nectar.

If water is given to real plant then many flower blooms. But the fake flower plant remains same, no flower grows on it. (When we love real people then they also give more love in return. But in case of fake people, they do not give any love in return. Just like water is wasted by giving water to the fake plants, in the same way love is wasted by loving fake people).

A real flower is spreads its fragrance without asking, but fake flower does not give any fragrance even on asking because it does not any fragrance at all. (The real people give love without asking but love cannot be found even after asking from a fake person, because they do not have love and the main reason is that they are full of ego. They only want their egos to be fulfilled by other people. Fake people only want attention of others; they do not give attention to other people).