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The 5 Immutable Laws of Digital Success for Doctors

The only laws doctors need to obey in digital era to take success of their medical practice to next level.

Friday December 09, 2016,

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  • Patients’ choice of one doctor over another is based on differences and not on similarities.
  • Doctors who differentiate their online presence from competition succeed several folds than those who do not.
  • Doctors who depend on ‘me-too’ profiles of online directories (e.g. Practo, JustDial etc) embrace similarity and violate law of exclusivity.


  • Patients are attracted to clinics who provide information-intervention not just medical-intervention.
  • Doctors who have their own website & app can use it to publish quality health information that patients are looking for.
  • Doctors who ignore importance of information-intervention repel patients by violating the law of attraction.


  • It takes days & months to acquire patients and a fraction to lose them.
  • Every patient who visits your clinic or finds you on internet is vulnerable to loss by misleading promotion.
  • Doctors who advertise online directories in their clinic or insist patients to download them leak their own patients to competition, sooner or later.


  • Patient’s inconvenience in travelling or waiting to meet doctors is soon going to be doctor’s inconvenience.
  • Doctors who allow patients to connect and communicate online are here to exist & thrive.
  • Doctors who deny connectivity to patients violate law of convenience and risk loss of patients.


  • Everyone likes to upgrade in digital era. Patients are not an exception.
  • Doctors who embrace changing technology to engage patients in newer ways build sustainable practice than those who do not.
  • Doctors who do not upgrade their digital presence or rely too much on static doctor profiles risk digital extinction.


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