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Top Ten Career Counsellors in India for Career Counselling

Top Ten Career Counsellors in India for Career Counselling

Monday January 07, 2019,

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Career Counselling is an art of understanding the pain points of the students and guide them with advice and roadmaps for a successful career.

Here are 10 best counsellors from India who optimized the counselling function and delivered their best using Global Career Counsellor certification by Univariety and UCLA Extension.


1) Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh is an expert and well-known counsellor in New Delhi and works persistently to help students realize their dreams. She holds a PhD and MA in Psychology along with being a Green Belt Certified Global Career Counsellor from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension ( UCLA Extension) & Univariety.

Amrita has 11+ years of experience in the field of Guidance and Counselling and alongside being a career counsellor, coach, mentor and psychologist, she is also an entrepreneur. Ms. Amrita Singh has taken her passion to the next step with ‘Edu Career wise’, her own setup which allows her to cater to all types of students from different backgrounds and age groups                

About Edu Career Wise

The Edu Career Wise caters to create awareness about the importance of skills, aptitude, interest and personality in the area of work. The company’s core areas are career assessment, resume building, career workshops for students and parents, one to one counselling, processing foreign applications for different countries, guidance on SOP and other details of foreign applications.


2) Anuradha Kishore

Anuradha Kishore is a result-driven individual who has over 20 years of industrial experience spanning across financial and pharmaceutical domains. Over the years, she has conducted several training programs with much success. 

Anuradha is a Bachelors in Science from Bangalore University and a Certified Global Career Counsellor by UCLA Extension & Univariety. She has undergone Train the Trainer Course by PROTOCOL and also a Certified Technical writer by Winprotech. She has been motivating individuals belonging from a diverse range of skill sets with varied professional and personal profiles.

About Growth Axis

Growth Axis works on the belief that a student can achieve success only when he is enabled. In order to propel students to a successful life, Growth Axis provides personalized career counselling and stress therapy sessions to students. The company believes in enabling students through comprehensive training programs and communication skills workshops. Growth Axis aims to be a beacon of light for those seeking to find the right direction in their lives. 


3) Rahul Dasondi

Rahul Dasondi is an ambitious professional who has the passion for career counselling. A Mechanical Engineer by his academic qualification and a certified Global Career Counsellor by profession from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and Univariety, Mr. Rahul Dasondi has a vast knowledge and compassion towards this field. Along with working in an NGO, he also takes up counselling workshops in schools & colleges. believing that there’s a major change in the education system today, students need proper career guidance and a 360 degrees knowledge about their prospective careers. 

Mr. Rahul Dasondi’s passion towards the field of career counselling has highly motivated him to take up entrepreneurship in this industry. Today, he is the founder of Career Achiever 360, Kothri, MP. His commitment to providing complete guidance to students and the youth looking for college & career counselling makes him one of the most sought-after career counsellors in Madhya Pradesh.

About Career Achievers 360

Career Achievers 360 is Career Counselling setup that caters to all the career counselling needs of students, parents and working professionals. They are set up in Kothri, Madhya Pradesh and focus on bridging the gap between decision making and deciding the right career options. They provide Career Counselling services right from Psychometric Tests, Stream Selectors, Workshops, Customized Study Abroad packages, and more. Career Achievers 360 believes in providing the right form of career counselling as per every individual’s need and potential.


4) Padmavathi Devarakonda

Padmavathi is a Masters in Arts and Philosophy with research in English. Tennis is her favourite sport and she believes in delivering aces in all her endeavours. She is a widely travelled person in the tennis circuit. She possesses a lot of knowledge about sports scholarships, especially tennis scholarships, available in the US universities for undergraduate programs. This is a boon for international students and a blessing for those with sporting credentials.

Padmavathi blends her sporting passion with the flair for career guidance. She has designed a mechanism to efficiently plug-in the sporting achievements in the college applications. She is a lover of tennis and brings the vibrancy and vigour of the sport to her career counselling.

About Acasports

With a wealth of information on the US universities and the admission process, Aca Sports Counselling taps into the right resources that give maximum benefit to the students. The sports scholarships are their forte and they deliver clutter-free advice considering the aptitude, attitude and aspirations of the students. Aca Sports champions and assists students to reach their best career objectives and hand hold them all through the journey. That’s the true sporting spirit of AcaSports.


5) Jagadish Kund

Jagadish hails from the city of Joy, Kolkata. He has taught University students at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Jagadish is a PhD and brings his research and teaching experience to the fore when it comes to guiding youngsters to choose better careers. Jagagish Kundu holds a Green Belt Certification on Career Counselling from Univariety. The Global Career Counsellor Certification from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) & Univariety and ACC certification from International Coaching Federation (ICF) added multiple feathers to his already ornate cap.

Jagadish Kundu has worked in a wide range of industries – Automobile, Defense Research & Development organization, Insurance & Financial Services, Retail and Information Technology. By virtue of his work and stay in the USA and Canada, he got to know the educational systems in USA and Canada. He knows the intricacies of the admission processes at global universities and can guide students to realize their dreams.

About RiteWay Career Solutions

RiteWay Career Solutions headed by Jagadish Kundu works on the principle that students are uniquely talented with their individual attributes – personality, interests and abilities. The company uses technology and human intervention to align these attributes with their career so that they become most satisfied and successful. The company has groomed, coached and transformed more than one thousand youngsters into successful professionals. This increases the happiness quotient of the clients and the company takes pride in giving its share of happiness to youngsters looking for the right options.


6) Preetika Sharma

Preetika Sharma is a highly qualified professional with a B.Sc. in Medical and M.A. in English.

Ms. Sharma is also a certified Global Career Counsellor from University of California, Los Angeles Extension ( UCLA Extension) and Univariety. Apart from her academic experiences, she has an impressive 24 years + experience in the education industry. Passionate about high school education, she is a skilled advisor providing positive direction to students. Right from academic to social, and emotional wellbeing.

Preetika also conducts group sessions and workshops to equip students with professional presentations, allied material and detailed streamwise and career-wise opportunities. Her experience and knowledge about colleges in India and abroad are remarkable. One can be rest assured about picking the right career path for themselves after consulting with her.

About Dream Ahead

Dream Ahead comprises a team of professionals working together to provide you with the right solutions for careers and colleges. Education is the most important part of an individual’s life and Dream Ahead helps them achieve their milestones towards a bright and successful future. Dream Ahead offers unbiased counselling to help students take good career decisions. They also conduct psychometric assessments to help students understand their strengths and improvement areas and identify suitable career options in case of confusion between multiple options.


7) Sonila Mishra

Sonila Mishra is a professional with over 18 years + of experience in various domains across Operations, Training, People Management and Career & Mental Health Counselling, She is a certified Global Career Counsellor from UCLA Extension and Univariety. She holds an International Diploma in counselling skills and has counselled more than 1500 professionals, college & school students in some of the best schools across north & south India.

Sonila expertise and experience in making assessments, organizing workshops and advising a career roadmap for students prompted her to start her Career Counselling venture, Latityude. She also brings together various handmade and handcrafted items made by artisans, located in remote locations across India, through another venture of hers.

About Latityude

The name ‘Latityude’ means Zero to Right Angle. Being an internationally certified mental health counsellor as well as a certified Global career counsellor a student gives a dual advantage for Sonila. The company guides an individual to chalk out at an academic and skilled roadmap leading to the desired career. Latityude does not have any business goals, its sole goal is it to strive for happiness and cheerfulness among its customers and help them attain their goals. Latityude strives to empower and educate clients in finding workable solutions to their problems by gaining an insight into themselves, their skills, strengths, abilities, aptitude and their potential.


8) Bharati K Trivedi

Bharati Trivedi is an ardent Graphologist and Career Counsellor, who believes in sharing her knowledge and experience with students and the youth in order to guide them towards a successful future. She holds a rich educational background along with various certifications like – B.com, Certified Global Career Counsellor by University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension) and a Green Belt Certified Counsellor by Univariety. With hands-on experience in dealing with different types of people for more than 25 years, Bharati has mastered the skill to communicate with students and parents.

Bharati is a keen observer and picks the right clues (verbal & non-verbal) from the candidate. She is known to have a great rapport with her clients. Clients have an extra advantage while visiting Bharati for consultation. She not only counsels them but also studies their handwriting which helps her serve them better. In her endeavor to give it back to society, she started Nurturing Minds with an aim to achieve their goals.

About Nurturing Minds Center for Learning & Counselling

Nurture Minds believes in providing Career Counselling services across the globe. They focus on understanding a student’s aptitude and options in order to pick a field for themselves with complete awareness from the ocean of choices. While they counsel affluent students, they also reach out to the underprivileged to guide them whenever they can so that our talent and resources don’t simply go to waste. They are part of various counselling networks and groups and this allows them to reach out to the people who need proper counselling.


9) Pooja Bhatia

Pooja Bhatia ensures to give valuable guidance to students in every walk of life and empowers them to be on their own. She is a firm believer of career guidance and reiterates the same to the student community. She is always at the forefront of helping students to take informed decisions and ensuring happy moments in their lives.

Pooja started CareerMantran to help students realize their dreams.

About Career Mantaran

Careermantaran is a career counselling platform, helping school and college students to make informed career decisions. Career mantran applies a unique methodology that considers opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, budgets & demographics while choosing and deciding the right career. This approach coupled with valuable insights guide students to venture into new realms. on this platform, students are understood, evaluated and made to realize which career is best suited for them based on study habits/learning styles, interests, aptitude, multiple Intelligence, priorities, adjustment pattern, ambition, and thought process.


10) Neetu Agarwal

Neetu Agrawal has extensive experience in the field of behavioural training, communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills. She has been into career counselling from the very initial stage of her career offering her guidance and knowledge to students of various age groups and DMIT expert (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) also and has successfully counselled 300+ and counting individuals. She holds a B.A. L.L.B and is also a certified Global Career Counsellor from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension) & Univariety.

Apart from Counselling students and individuals, Ms. Neetu Agrawal also conducts seminars & workshops in schools & colleges. Her sessions are not just restricted to students but also to their parents. Neetu’s academic qualification & professional experience along with her zeal to guide students and the youth towards a better future has motivated her to become an entrepreneur. She has successfully set up her own Career Counselling venture called ‘The Bridge’, located in Surat, Gujarat.

About The Bridge

The bridge has been set up in Surat, Gujarat to meet the gaps between an individual’s desires to pursue something in life and how to reach their destination. The company aims to serve the client’s needs as their own. The students will never feel out of place at The Bridge, Anyone visiting The Bridge is surely going to get a mindful experience about their confusion. they offer a wide range of services, right from proper face to face counselling, stream selector to psychometric tests. one is surely going to resolve all their confusion and move forward with clarity about their college or careers in life.


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