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The new practices in finance

Banks and insuring companies are two prominent domains of the vast finance sector

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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Banks and insuring companies are two prominent domains of the vast finance sector, which have been using static yet lucrative business models for over decades. But in the present times, they are challenged by innovators, who are employing new and unique tactics to disrupt their business. Crowd funding, mobile payments, robot advisers, bitcoin- there are absolutely no end to the high valuations and diversity of these professionals. They have managed to bring an entirely new dimension in the finance and we are going to talk about some of the fresh strategies adopted by these innovators. Let us take a good look at some of them as are mentioned below in brief.

The Brand-New Practices

Before delving into the discussion, let me remind the readers that a large number of finance companies make use of numeric pagers so that they could effectively communicate with their employees and clients. You can get these wireless communication devices at a reasonable price in retail stores or online outlets.

1) In the earlier days, innovators tried to replicate the entire business models of the banking institutions, which only tend to attract the price-conscious or tech savvy customers. In the present days, however, these professionals targeted larger segment of customers by deploying greatly focused products and services. They have fabricated innovative and user- friendly web networks, which made international transfers easy as well as swift.

2) The innovators are making best use of their technical competence for automating manual processes, which are extremely resource intensive. Due to this exceptional technique, services, which were earlier reserved for only the elite class, could be offered to everyone. The robot advisers offer a bulk of functional management services including investment advice, tax minimization, and asset allocation- offered to consumers via online portals.

3) The customer data has been a significant decision-making factor for all financial institutions. As new gadgets are being innovated, devices are becoming interconnected and real-time, more granular data are emerging. Well, the innovators are therefore utilizing advanced digitalized methods. For example, taking help from social media, in order to understand the behavioral patterns of customers. A new kind of insurance company is generating streams of data so that policy holders could make smart pricing decisions.

Thus, the aforementioned three points prove that innovators revolutionized the extensive finance sector. They have garnered widespread recognition among the consumers.

According to most of the reputed innovators, using numeric pagers have brought success to the financial domains. They have allowed the staffs to interact effectually, thus, enhanced the outputs and profits.

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