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Driving Your Business with Mobile Apps

Companies are realizing that the mobile apps are driving the digital transformation of their business and increase the efficiency, by earning higher revenue.

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

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As more and more companies are pushing ahead to adopt digital technologies, there is an increasing number of companies who simply believes that the mobile apps are the driving forces for the digital transformation of their business. As we see an evolution in the mobile app industry, we see that the mobile apps are effective for an increasing operating revenue for your business. The number of smartphone users will increase to 6.2 billion by the year of 2020. As there is a fluctuating trend in mobile app development business, the companies need to cope up more for such an environment. So, whatever be the nature of the technology that comes into picture, the smartphones offer a whole new world for the users, as technology changes at rapid pace.

Here are some of the means for driving your mobile app business:

Location based Services

Location based services are the core of the mobile advertisements. We see the advent of customized advertisements for widespread reach to customers. The users are targeted at the right time and place.

The mobile devices provide information to the users about their surroundings in an automatic way with these geo-targeted push notifications. This technology is well adopted by the retailers and the restaurants as clients obtain real-time information with special offers and discounts, decided by their preferences.

Pushing Through the Funnels

GPS used in the transactional apps are good at obtaining the address automatically for the abandonment cases of online shoppers, whatever may be the reason such as not finding the credit card details handy or some other form of distractions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)

The tech industries are adopting the futuristic technologies for the need to achieve in a smarter and better way. Augmented Reality is one such technology that is based on the mobile apps. We are about to see the use of AI in the form of the now famous chatbots.

These future technologies when adopted fully for the mobile devices are sure to turn them into great revenue earners.

Faster Customer Feedback

You must be able to explore into the minds of the customers and find out the expectations that they have, so that they are caught early and which accounts for achieving better results for your business. Customer feedbacks must be extremely fast and this is based on research,

Gathering Data

Each and every move of the customers can be tracked with the mobile apps. There are many retailers who are expanding their operations based on the signals emitting from the smartphones as they open new opportunities based on analytics and data gathering methods. .

Customer Engagements

There is an increased customer engagement as the mobile devices act as tools and as more and more customers are inclined towards purchasing your products.

Competing Anywhere

There are many customers who visits the store physically and then buys the items at a much cheaper rate available through online shopping. This way the traditional retailers are the ones who suffer and customers and online retailers gain. There are many retailers who are adopting price comparison tools for achieving the objective of additional sales and traffic.

The mobile devices are great ways to increase efficiency by enhanced levels of revenue earned. The users are now narrowly targeted and inventory that is generally wasted can be precision discounted, which adds further to the revenue that is earned.