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New Indian Bitcoin Startup - BuyUcoin

After knowing what is bitcoin, I got very curious for buying bitcoin but my first purchase was not so easy as there were long procedures and banks hurdle included on my first purchase. So, I decided to make it a lot more easier. Then BuyUcoin was born - Easiest way to buy bitcoins online in India.

Saturday July 16, 2016,

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Bitcoin- World’s first decentralized digital currency. I got to know about this currency in November 2015. On learning more about it made me very curious about knowing more about it like its working, mining, halving etc. This concept of bitcoin was really astonishing; it attracted me like a magnet. This in turn created my interest to buy bitcoins and I started looking for an appropriate place for it. On several days of researching I got only two-three trusted places. But the problem with them was that they all include long bank procedures. But most of the people hate going to bank and so do I. So, I started finding a way for buying it online but I didn’t find any such result which could help me out. Therefore, I end up buying it through long and boring bank method. But then I decided to make a place where people can easily buy bitcoin online in India.

My name is Shivam Thakral, a student of HBTI-k ,the person behind the idea of BuyUcoin.

I begin to work on this and started exploring about every single point connected to it. After working on this project for 9 days and nights, I launched first face of Buyucoin - Indian bitcoin exchange At that time I was all alone on this project, the work load was huge but it was only my attitude and determination which lead to its launch. I have to work on each and everything single handedly whether it is website design, back-end work, logo designing content writing or marketing. Although had a little knowledge about all these things but time taught me everything. The above quote is place from where I get inspired for this project.

Now as time passed many people showed interest in joining BuyUcoin. Out of them many are my friends. So by this time a lot of people are working with BuyUcoin. My family has supported me a lot during this time especially my sister. Many people will love this idea and many will criticize but BuyUcoin will not stop and will become a better and easy way to use and buy bitcoins in India. And we hope that we’ll be successful in our journey to make BuyUcoin – Indian Bitcoin Exchange .We currently provide payment with credit card, debit card and Net banking.