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Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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Social media is a powerful tool that can distribute your content effectively, reach out to a broader audience, and build a remarkable audience. That is why an increasing number of brands are using it for their business which has created a lot of competition. Due to the large number of brands on social media, the attention span of the audience is becoming slow. Thus, brands must find out ways to engage their audiences and enhance brand loyalty. Deepak Wadhwani, Founder/CEO of PROS, Internet Marketing & Technology company says, “Social media networking sites are not just about chatting. They’re about experiences & developing relationships.”  Here are some of the important social media marketing trends that are going to help you in providing the maximum results.

1. Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will go on to become more popular in 2021. Even leading companies such as Apple has incorporated this feature in their new iPhone models. You will have to consider it in your social media marketing strategy because users will look forward to experience augmented reality. An increasing number of brands will be including AR to showcase their products so that users can not only have a great shopping experience but come back for more.

2. Increasing Popularity of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become very popular among customers with the usage figures going above 200 million people every month. Despite the fact that Instagram Stories is just a few years old features, it is increasingly becoming very famous among brands and businesses of all types. This implies that brands that are looking forward to connecting with the Instagram users should know how to use the Instagram Stories appropriately.

3. Social Listening will Give Brands an Edge to Their Messaging Online

It is advised to track your competitor's content and activities on social media but it is also important to keep a track of their mentions and what the users are saying about them. You can employ these metrics to analyze your own performance in that field. By the usage of web monitoring, you are able to gather a large amount of data which is very useful in devising marketing strategies.


4. Expansion of Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a big part of social media with users as well as brands using it a lot. It is a great way to get the attention of customers and make them aware of your brand. There have been many small brands that have grown and developed immensely with the right usage of live streaming whether it is on Facebook or Instagram. In 2021, a big number of brands will be using the live streaming option and incorporating it into their marketing plan.

5. Videos Will Become The Key in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video content is very popular among brands as it has a lot of potential. Furthermore, with the regular updates in social algorithms, videos will be becoming more important in order to build the audience and generate engagement. Videos are important for business because they receive higher engagement and people tend to comment, like, and share them often. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, all these platforms provide the brands with an opportunity to generate video content that can be shared with their followers and the audience immediately.

6. Influencer Marketing Through Social Channels

Influencer marketing has become one of the most important social media trends. Social media influencers usually have millions of followers on their social media profiles and consumers usually look up to these individuals for advice or guidance on different topics. You can collaborate with these people in your industry to expand your reach and gaining more followers.

7. Retargeting Through Social Media Ads

Social media advertising helps the organic content in your social media strategy but retargeting ads can be of real advantage to brands that want to re-engage users who just visited their site and didn't make any purchase. Social media platforms including Facebook can be used to reach users after they have left your site. These retargeting ads allow businesses to use strategic and targeted content in an attempt to get the user back to your site.

It is important for every business (large or small) to keep the above-discussed trends in mind while planning a social media marketing strategy as it can boost their business and help them to stay ahead of their competitors.