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Software Development Trends and Benefits in 2020

Software Development Trends and Benefits in 2020

Thursday March 19, 2020,

5 min Read

Predictions that were prevailing in the year 2018 now have become a trend in 2020. Terms such as cloud migration and microservices were just mere imaginations a few years back, but now it is being used in real operations. In fact, these terms have become must-have options in many projects that a custom software development company may be taking up.

Each year new software trends get introduced in the market and they keep on maturing till the time they do not get implemented in the industry.

Here are also some of the software development trends of 2020.

AI-integrated Software:

The term AI or artificial intelligence is in the trend for quite some time now. It has been estimated by many recently that the number of AI-integrated software development is going to double by the end of the year 2022. These will be featured with different features such as speech recognition, deep learning, and machine vision. These features will come up with a good number of benefits.

● One of the benefits that AI will offer is critical thinking. The AI integrated systems can be featured with the option of analyzing data records and offering results such as diagnosing diseases or suggesting inventories.

●  The idea of virtual assistance is going to be true with the AI systems soon. These systems will be able to recognize the emotions through face recognition and can aid in advanced marketing strategies.

● The AI system will be also helpful in improving productivity and reducing the risk in a production house.

Recently, ScienceSoft has come up with an AI integrated system that will be helpful in easy surgery of the brain tumors without affecting the other parts of the brain.

Advanced Blockchain

Today, most of the transactions are done through digital means. This has also led to an increase in digital fraud and phishing activities. On the other hand, advanced options such as Blockchain help in safer transactions due to super encrypted data and extremely transparent systems.

Due to the safety and reliability that Blockchain offers, it has been now adopted by a number of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, public sectors, and many others. Also, it has been estimated that the Blockchain Market may reach up to the annual revenue of $20 billion.

The benefits of the Blockchain process are discussed here.

● The data in the case of Blockchain is saved in a decentralized form that keeps sensitive information safe from fraudulency and other issues.

● Blockchain is also helpful in creating smarter contracts. As per this feature, the contract created by Blockchain gets into implementation only after the satisfaction of all the terms.

● The paperwork process can be replaced with the Blockchain process to ensure better transparency in the system.

One of the best cases of Blockchain is Walmart. The company integrated the Blockchain process in the system to track food availability from the suppliers. As a result, the time taken to contact the supplier and get revert back from was reduced down from a few days to a few minutes.

Progressive Web Apps

These are website applications that offer the same features and same experience to the users as mobile applications, without even installing them on the phone. The demand for such web apps is on the rise by now due to a number of benefits that they offer.

● The very first benefit is its user-friendly experience. These progressive web apps are known to run much faster than mobile websites pages or even the responsive pages. Also, these pages can show some content while offline and hence it does not crash in the case of a bad server.

● The best thing about these progressive web apps is that they can match up to any screen size and resolution. Thus, the owner does not have to create a website and an app separately. This can help in a huge way in cost-reduction.

Forbes’s PWA page opens up much faster than its actual site. This is because the PWA is a progressive web app and it comfortably opens up on the mobile as well as computer.

Low-code Development

Today, most of the small business houses and start-up companies are making use of low-code development. The method is convenient because the developer just has to drag and drop without creating codes for the application. The method offers a good number of benefits such as:

● Lesser time taken for the development of the applications

● Lesser risks in the validation of business ideas

● Easy creation of user-friendly interface even without having much knowledge a UX background

One of the best case examples can be noticed by the energy company Schneider Electric. The software developers at the company created 60 new applications in just a time period of 20 months with the help of the low-code development technique.

Software development is reaching out to a new height each time with new trends that are coming up. If you are looking forward to getting services from a software development company, do not forget to check up the latest trends that they follow. This will surely help you in getting the job done faster and in an efficient and cost-effective way.