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The best way to boost your Facebook page ranking

Monday August 20, 2018,

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Facebook Fan Page

Players of the internet marketing arena know that how important can be the page rank given by search engines to any website. Search engines have become the starting point of users’ activities over the internet. Most of the users get benefit from search engines by hunting for a lot of stuff they haven’t explored about previously. On the other hand, social networks like Facebook have gained considerable importance and reports even say that Facebook accounts for more traffic than Google. Consequently, Facebook public profiles and fan pages are very important in internet marketing particularly for small and local businesses.

Facebook fan pages are being used as websites for products marketing therefore they must also be optimized in order to achieve favorable outcomes. The best way of optimizing a Facebook fan page is being highlighted here in a step wise manner.

The Superb way to boost your Facebook Page Ranking

Select a Keyword Rich Title: The most important thing to be kept in mind regarding optimization of a Fan Page is the name or title of the page. Always use a keyword dense title with proper name and avoid overloading the time with words depicting that you are too much focused about your sales. Remember that Facebook is a social networking site and you can turn off your followers by using it for business purposes primarily. Name should be relevant as well as attractive for the users.

Get an Optimized URL: Google’s correspondents say that over 503 million pages of Facebook have been indexed by Google. Search engines functionality is URL dependent and a page with optimized URL along with informative and relevant page content is ranked higher in search engine page results. Facebook offers those fan pages with a certain specified number of likers to have a vanity URL. Vanity URL is basically a shorter, compact and direct Facebook URL which makes it easier for users to access the page. Short URL plays an important role in getting higher page ranks.

Default Tab Configuration: This is a very important aspect when it comes to optimization of Facebook fan pages. Default tab is actually the “landing page” which will open directly when the page’s URL is going to be crawled by the search engine. It seems pretty logical now that the best choice for default tab should be the page having the relevant text information so that it is displayed at first place. Also, in order to have a customized landing page, Facebook Markup Language (FBML) can be installed on the corresponding page. This allows the owner with the flexibility to control the outlook of h is/her fan page.

Links Generation: Incoming links play a vital role in driving traffic from search engines. For improving a Facebook fan page ranking quickly, it is necessary to link your page to your current website or other websites. A good way of having backlinks is to participate in active website forums and use signatures linking back to your page. Also, it is important to link to relevant websites so that overall ranking is improved.

An article by Sonali Melen, Digital Marketing strategist @ Delhi Courses.