5 tips to make your house cleaner - Best time saving ideas

    10th Aug 2017
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    Is your house looking dirty and you searching best solution for this??

    Here are the different ways to keep your house with your child.

    1. How to Clean your bathroom

    The bathroom is space that seems to easily collect junk. So, eliminates unnecessary clutter.

    • Clean all glass surfaces including smudges on windows

    2. How to Clean your kitchen

    Following tips that can help you to clean your kitchen:

    • Clean your kitchen after every meal

    • Clean your sink everyday

    • Use hanging shelf

    • Wipe down kitchen cabinet facings

    • Use Slide out table

    • Organized storage

    3. How to Clean your sink

    • Clean your sink every day night

    4. How to Clean your bedroom

    Following tips that can help you to clean your bedroom:

    • Just pull up your bedspread and arrange the pillow.

    • Hang up coats and put away shoes

    • Clean all wall hangings

    • Everything has a place

    • Clean window sills and wipe down doors.

    • Use Rotating room Divider

    5. How to Clean your hall

    Following tips that can help you to clean your hall:

    • Suitable color that makes your home looks like Expansive

    • Chairs and Tables that fit into a shelf

    • Floor cleaner

    • Use hanging or wall shelf that ride the distance of the room.

    • Create open space in your home

    • Maximize your storage

    6. How to keep clean from children

    • Establish playtime rules

    • Remove Dust ceiling fans

    • Work with children not against them

    With these above ideas, you can make your home clean and comfortable. And if you want to take more ideas then contact with best interior designers.

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