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Experiential learning for educators

Towards Quality Learning for All

Monday June 12, 2017,

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Dear Rockstar Teachers,

One of the good ways that an experiential educator can train people to develop their own sense of feel good is to help the students find happiness by doing the things that are important to them, doing them without fear for failure, without any concern, for any long it takes.

Here the task is to use the learning and encapsulate its features more as a hobby than an occasional occurrence. To the surprise of many, the ancient Greek word for leisure is “schole,” from which is derived the English word “school” and “scholar.” The term Schole means performance of activity for its own sake or as its own end. With the schole in mind, a task of quality education is to assist students chalk out what deeds and experiences intrinsically motivate them and would create an atmosphere where these activities could be performed in order to get the best of outcome.

The calm and steady educator is what is a desired feature out of an experiential educator. It is extremely important for the audience to enjoy and learn a great deal from some one who is brilliant and unstable. The stability is required to sustain reaction time for the educators and hence the being consistent in their approaches and ways of being, and avoid erratic behaviour that would create insecurity, tension and fear, as the objective is crystal clear, to cure ignorance.

For any teacher to explore teaching, the importance of teaching calibrates only when the student is ready for the content.

The learning goes like:

Action ---> Experience ----> Reflection ----> Insight -----> Action

This is very similar to the DEMING cycle of PDCA, which indicates, PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT.

What is your Experiential Learning Experience in School.

Comment in simple words to win surprises!

In anticipation of your comments.