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Fast delivery service—a major component of Customers Satisfaction

The Indian online shopping industry is more competitive today than ever. And this often poses a problem to startups who, with reasonable means, fail to rise above the crowd. However in recent times, customer satisfaction has come up as the most important aspects for online businesses. Its different components— particularly fast and efficient delivery/shipping services— has gained mass attention for the opportunity they provide even to new businesses to compete with the established players. 

Fast delivery service—a major component of Customers Satisfaction

Wednesday October 19, 2016,

3 min Read

With Indian online shopping industry so crowded today, there are only selected avenues with which an e-retailer can trail its so-many-competitors successfully. And surprisingly, “cheapest price” is the not the way to go these days, with end-customers looking more for better quality and are skeptical to low-priced products (with exceptions).

High customer satisfaction is something that has come in the limelight lately, whether for B2B or B2C.

No wonder, according to a recent report, 91 per cent of organizations said that they aspire to be among the customer experience (CX) leaders in their industry. Another 78 per cent of marketers say they try to differentiate through experience.

Fast shipping/delivery is an important aspect of customer satisfaction

Why do you think so many top e-commerce platforms are investing so rigorously into offering Same-day delivery?

Same-day delivery has become an industry norm. Some top online businesses are even striving to offer same-hour delivery—something very important for e-grocery and e-pharmacy industry to boom.

Even drones and other automated vehicles are used for fast and efficient delivery.

All these efforts to offer top notch delivery/shipping service for maximum satisfaction of the customers or clients.

The rise of many courier companies in Kolkata and across the country

It is this significance of high-flying delivery service that many independent courier companies have emerged in big cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

And this is nothing short of delightful news for startups or new e-retailers that don’t have sufficient distribution channels and can’t afford their own home delivery team even for local purpose.


Multiple services for EVERYONE’S convenience

The range of services of some of the top courier companies in Kolkata and Delhi is something exceptional that aims to deliver high convenience not only to the end-customers but also their clients- the online retailers.

From door-to-door pickup and delivery to order fulfillment and Cash on Delivery facilities, these courier companies also handle any and every type of products—whether durable or high value goods. Some of theirs distribution network is another winner, which spreads across the country, ensuing jet-quick delivery.

A bottom-line for the new online businesses

71 per cent of customers say valuing their time is something a company can do to provide good service.

To survive, sustain and scale in today’s competitive market, new online businesses must strive to offer the customers with optimum satisfaction. Fast and proficient delivery/shipping is one (but very important) aspects of customer satisfaction. Better quality products, easy buying procedure, reasonable price range are few other components that calls in for equal attention.