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What could possibly go more wrong in one's life?

A story about the struggles of an unemployed MBA in India. 

What could possibly go more wrong in one's life?

Sunday February 11, 2018,

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Once a critic of luck and believer of destiny, I got tangled in the web of life eventually. I am one among those 3,00,000+ MBA grads who go unemployed each year.


                Two years past, I was a software techie working for Infosys Limited. I was at the prime of my youth and somewhat leading a stable life then. But the monotonous life took its toll, followed by a series of disastrous life decisions. Since then, I had resigned my job and got admission in an over-hyped private b school. The fire in my belly to grow fast and earn more has left me stranded today in the middle of a bustling railway station at Bengaluru. I had come to Bengaluru a few days back to face my 5th placement rejection. Last 3 months have been very tough, I had put in my best effort to get through a job interview right from the start of the placement season but LUCK had some other plans. After multiple rejections, I had my tickets booked for heading back to my college in Kochi for the last trimester of MBA. I reached the K.R Puram station 30mins before the scheduled departure. I inquired the correct platform and was sitting right next to the engine arrival spot.

                             Even as a kid I had always found it difficult to accept rejections, within no time I was immersed into negativity and started looking for job postings on LinkedIn, time flew unnoticed and a train had arrived platform no.2 but I was so lost in thoughts that I didn't even see it approaching the station. 

At the next second, it was the loco pilot passing d green signal and the train started moving, I was cold and within no time was running on the platform, cutting through the crowd and somehow boarded the moving train. At that moment I thought, life isn't that bad after all, maybe even a bit late but I would eventually reach my destiny in life.

But the happiness lasted only for few seconds till I realized that I had got into a passenger train headed to Chennai. Now I had got the answer to "What could possibly go more wrong in life?

I was shattered and was weak in knees, I had never felt this disappointed before. I got down at the next station (Whitefield) and was absolutely clueless about what to do next. I started introspecting on, where I had gone wrong in life and there were tears in my eyes after a long time, for the first time I felt maybe its time to give up on this struggle and head back home to Odisha after completion of the degree.   

5mins of blankness later, I could hear a train approaching the station, and yes it was my train to Kochi (Island Express). Joy of that moment surpassed every possible emotion, it felt like I could still take control of life instead of sobbing and cursing my luck, I have no idea exactly when my life will take a right turn but till then I will be ready to take up any challenge head-on, that life has planned for me.

Life never runs out of giving hope
disappointments are a part of life, not the end of it.