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10 skills you need to have, beyond 2020.

Skills that seem important today will no longer be required.

10 skills you need to have, beyond 2020.

Friday November 04, 2016,

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My guess is that most of us will be working beyond 2020. Unless we are super rich or planning to retire before that. 

4 years from now, over 35% of skills that seem important today will no longer be required.

By 2020, technology would have replaced most of the jobs. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, will change the very way we live, and work. Some jobs will disappear, others will grow and jobs that don’t even exist today will be in demand. 

So are you geared up for change? Do you have any of the skills to continue to be in demand in the job market beyond 2020? Will you keep up with the change?

This report from the ‘World Economic Forum’ says it all.


Complex problem solving, Critical thinking & Creativity will top the charts. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working, workers are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes.

Machines may help us get to where we want to be faster, but they can’t be as creative as humans (yet).

Negotiation and flexibility are high on the list of skills for 2015. In 2020 they will drop from the top 10 as machines, using masses of data, begin to make our decisions for us. (Sounds so much like the SKYNET from the movie Terminator, right?)

Emotional intelligence, which doesn’t feature in the top 10 today, will become one of the top skills needed by all.

Global media and entertainment, is already going through a great deal of change. Mobile, Internet of things and cloud technology are already impacting the way we work & live.

Change won’t wait for us: Business leaders, HR Leaders, Learning Professionals & Employees, all need to be proactive in up-skilling and retraining people.

So Are you Ready???