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5 reasons a coworking space Mumbai makes sense for startups

Coworking spaces are in several ways ditto the stereotype of the probable corporate setup- free organic coffee (and beer once in awhile), break out areas, mini library, couches for lounging and a huge sea of young people busy working on their Apple computers. There are several kinds of amenities that can lure you and your team to opt for a coworking space in Mumbai. These were only the fringe benefits.

5 reasons a coworking space Mumbai makes sense for startups

Wednesday September 20, 2017,

5 min Read

The real value of a coworking space in Mumbai is under the hood. The major benefits of opting for the same are enlisted below:


1. Affordable- The rents of the coworking spaces are not cheap if you calculate it on per-square foot basis but there are several options to choose from. The charges are usually on per work station or per head basis. So, you may have the liberty to choose any number of workstations. Most of the coworking space Mumbai offer a lot of flexibilities to the clients and you may have the liberty of choosing the number of workstations on monthly basis as per your requirement. There is no long term lease involved in renting a seat at a co-working space. Thus, there is no tension of large deposits and getting committed in long term agreements.

2. The flexibility of growing your space with the growth of the company- Nothing is considered to be static in a startup and thus the coworking spaces are designed in an absolutely flexible way in order to accommodate growth without many difficulties. Startups grow every day and with that, the number of employees also grow exponentially every month in the initial period of the startup. So, you do not need to worry if you have five employees one month and then ten the next month. You can easily switch to a bigger office whenever required.

3. Availability of all necessary stuff that you require for seamless working- Coworking office providers are familiar with all the minutest needs that a startup require. Most of them offer varieties of services that would help grow your business tremendously. This range from pitch nights in front of the investors to the several mundane things that facilitate the startups in major ways. Also, there are several companies working from the same office. So, you will have access to several neighbors whom you can approach for suggestions and advice at times.

4. The opportunity of networking- There are several young and dynamic people dominant in the coworking spaces. There is an ecosystem of people, several companies across various industries which are incredibly diverse. So, there are several opportunities that come in your way to network with several people from different walks of life. There are fair chances that you can collaborate with some of them.

5. Surrounding yourself with vibrant and positive energy- Starting a startup is psychologically demanding as an entrepreneur because there are a lot of things which are at stake. There are times when entrepreneurs doubt themselves, their company and mission due to slow progress. There are several nights when entrepreneurs work till late whereas friends and family are leading a relaxed life. This is obvious that in a coworking space you will be surrounded by several dedicated, smart and hard-working people who are the best cure for the startup blues. There are several challenges which you can overcome with the help of the experienced colleagues.

How can you find a best coworking space in mumbai?

While considering a coworking space in Mumbai for selection, you necessarily need to ensure that you choose the right one that suits your business in the best possible way.

Following is a checklist of the few major things that you should consider while choosing a coworking space in Mumbai:

1. Getting the right and strategic location

If you are considering a coworking place to meet your clients, then you should ideally choose a location which is convenient for them. The place should be ideally within the city limits of Mumbai and well-connected. The place should preferably be in one of the best business districts of Mumbai and not in a suburban area.

2. Getting the right level of support

Once you have shortlisted the coworking spaces that you can opt for, you need to tally what each of the coworking space deals has to offer you. There are two major options what the startups should consider. The first one is prioritizing on choosing an incubator which will offer mentorship and also high levels of support as well. The second option is to choose a more autonomous shared office that is open for anyone.

3. Figuring out a dedicated space that you require

Figure out your preference whether you want a hot desk, a dedicated office or a permanent desk. You need to figure out the one as per your preference and requirement. Accordingly, you may finalize.

4. Finding out the offered resources and features

You must be requiring certain specific amenities and equipment for your startup. For example, if your business is in the creative sector, then you would probably need some specific pieces of kit or a workshop for conducting the day to day work. If you have some extra requirements, you must clarify whether you would be able to avail that or not in your selected coworking space Mumbai.

5. Able to get the right vibe

Every coworking space is different from the others in certain ways like the community of people working there and the atmosphere is the working areas. Some professionals want a highly professional environment whereas some prefer a bit relaxed environment for work. You thus should go for a tour and ask the community regarding space and get their feedback on their experience on working out there.

6. Checking the events schedule

Last but not the least, it is an imperative to check whether the chosen coworking space in Mumbai offer right opportunities for improving your knowledge. A great coworking space should ideally have several events lined up in order to tap the startup community and then encourage the startups for hosting their own events.

So, in case if you are in look out for a shared office space in Mumbai, then you should ideally visit few of the coworking spaces with an open mind and the sign up with the most suitable one as per your preference and business goals. The beauty of the coworking for the startups is that there are several flexibilities attached with the same and you can make the best use out of them.