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Tips to be a featured mobile app in the App Store

How many of us really browse thousands of apps in the App Store to find the app of our choice? Most of us never actually go beyond the initial few apps of a search result.

Monday August 28, 2017,

6 min Read

 Most people when looking for apps for specific purposes rely on the featured list. Apple made the Featured list quite competitive things as there are strict conditions to allow app of any category in the Featured list.

A Featured list of apps coming with under a dedicated menu button in the App Store is actually an excellent way to showcase a few apps that on account of being listed there gets a stamp of quality and credibility. This is why Featured apps carry such enormous user trust.

Question is how mobile app developers can help their apps get into the Featured list? Well, while there is no guarantee that a perfect app will be considered by the App Store for making the Featured list, at least as a developer or marketer you can follow the best practices and wait earnestly for your app to get featured. Here we are going to explain a few tips for making your app featured.

1. Know how App Store evaluates apps and features them

Unlike what many people think, in Apple's App Store no advanced algorithm does the job of picking up apps for the featured section. It is rather done by human editors of Apple App Store. The entire process involves the judgment of local editors from 155 app stores of Apple. This is why Featured apps are likely to vary from one region to another. Apple depends on human judgement instead of a machine algorithm simply because a human user can assess the user experience of an app better than machines.

2. Build an app that fulfils these checklists

Every week more than thousands of apps are hitting the App Store, and so an app really needs to win over the tough turf of competition to be considered by the editor to get into the featured list. Even building an with everything perfect in terms user experience, monetisation and visual appeal is not enough to sneak into the featured category of apps. But still, if you are really serious about getting featured, make sure you have the positive answer to the questions asked below.

● Does it provide a unique and user-friendly user experience app have a unique user experience?

● Is your app built using the latest Apple software and is proved to be perfect for different Apple hardware? Without leveraging the app for Apple hardware and software specifications, you have no chances to be promoted as a Featured app.

● Is your app potent and well equipped to garner revenue for the Apple App Store?

● Finally, are your app smart looking and endowed with high-quality visual output?

3. Make a balancing act between aesthetics and engagement

From the app icon to hero images to the layout and CTA buttons, an app needs to ensure easy, engaging visual journey for the users. You need to hit the Featured ranks of the App Store by allowing easier discoverability and several visual elements like App icon. Optimise the visual feel of the app with an optimised app icon and other attributes.

4. Optimising app store page

Nothing really works so well for getting into the featured app as with optimising the App Store presence with a perfect description, visual elements, app icon and CTA buttons. The best way to achieve an excellent App Store presence for your app is to test different variations of the description and other elements.

5. Addressing users with latest and unique

Is there anything hot going on in your town related to your niche? If you can launch the app merging with the popular event, it can garner quick popularity and mileage. Does your app do some unique thing that no other apps as of now could not do? The unique value proposition is something that makes an app popular and quite worthy to be featured.

6. Help your app getting some media coverage

Extensive media coverage can quickly make the app popular and hence can really be considered for App Store featured list. To make your app heard and discovered you need to jump onto the scene with some cool media ads related to your niche. Good media coverage can positively influence Featured list ranking.

7. Build native instead of cross platform

Apple typically has a preference for native apps developed for iOS platform alone. Most of the apps featuring in Featured category are native ones. If you are hell bent on getting featured, avoid building cross platform apps. Instead, deliver apps built for native iOS platform.

8. Promote Apple offerings

Apple is constantly trying to promote their app offerings in more ways than one. Naturally, if an app makes positive integration and use of Apple's flagship apps and APIs, it has better chances of being considered in the featured list. Another major way to appease Apple and take advantage in featured list ranking is to build app versions simultaneously for several iOS devices including Apple Watch and iPad.

9. Garner positive ratings and reviews

Ratings are still one of the big movers when it comes to App Store rating. To sneak into the featured list also your app requires solid ratings. The good number of high rating corresponds to the user satisfaction concerning UX of the app. Besides garnering organic rating and positive reviews simply on account of your app quality, you can also push the app through rigorous influencer marketing and boost App Store rating.

10. Give it latest features

An app looks always backdated with features that hold no new promise for the users. Naturally, App Store is likely to feel reluctant in prescribing your app for users. On the other hand, cutting edge features always make an app unique at least for the time being. A unique feature and a genuinely rewarding user experience are still essential prerequisites for being into the featured list of apps.

Finally, your app must be designed for several iOS devices and different versions of iPhones to boost the unique selling proposition for your app. Even after doing all of these together, your existing app may not be featured instantly. But following these tips and best practices ultimately will pay any of your apps with a featured category listing someday.