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Walking in others Shoes

Dreams of Dreamers

Walking in others Shoes

Sunday January 01, 2017,

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Time's running out

Time's running out

Hey Successful People,

It’s a new year, I hope your plans for the celebrations are going good! 

Last year, I have read some articles which is very useful and essential to the people who have their own Dream. It's enough walking in some others shoes. It's time to turn our Dreams to Goals, Dream is a target without Time bound, on the other hand Goal is a target with Time bound. Don't feel regret to refuse to wear someone Shoes, wear your Own.

" If you don't build your own Dream someone else will hire you to build their Dreams
-Tony Gaskins"

I don't believe in taking Resolution rather making Strategic plans. Learning is skill which everyone should install to enhance your Dream to become as GOAL. Here's one article you have to read for some TIPS . And there is few topics on Economics and Financial status of our country you must know before you start your New Year to plan accordingly are as follow..

Time value of Money!

What’s Inflation?

There are lot to know about our Economic status of our country. Here I end this! I hope you like this Article. 

"I wish you a very Happy, Determinate and Strategic New Year"

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