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Discover SEO content marketing strategies to generate leads in 2018

Strong content, social media interaction, and relating to customers are essential SEO strategies to generate leads in 2018.

Discover SEO content marketing strategies to generate leads in 2018

Friday March 23, 2018,

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People get information about everything from medical conditions to the latest products and services. Whether they access the Internet from a desktop or mobile device, the search process is the same. Everyone heads to their favourite search engine to type a few words in the search bar and review the results. Businesses want to rank near the top of these results to get noticed. Discover how savvy SEO content marketing strategies can generate leads in 2018.

The evolution of search engine optimization

When the Internet first became popular, a few relevant keywords were enough to boost websites, blog content, and articles. Now searchers want value from their online experience. The competition is fierce and content must be relevant as well as keyword focused. People want content that answers their questions and provides for specific needs. Businesses need to develop effective content for both search engines and real consumers who want to read it. Creating this balance is the real definition of SEO in 2018.

Smart use of social media

Beyond creating compelling content, businesses must use social media wisely. All content should be shared on the company's social media accounts. And these accounts must be monitored daily to include sharing, unique posts, and interactions with visitors. Most businesses have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. But is it also important to maintain a presence on newer social marketing sites, such as Snapchat and LinkedIn. Staying abreast of these trends ensures companies are found by all types of searches to help generate more leads.

Mobile matters

There will be more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide by the end of 2018. These users are often searching for products and services on-the-spot. Sometimes they are ready to make a decision in an instant. A mobile-friendly website and meaningful content on other mobile-friendly sites keep your business at the forefront of these searchers. Use localized, long tail keywords so regional searcher finds your company.

Appeal to every age group

Boomers are high-earners who have learned to become Internet-savvy. Often these older users are reluctant to trust online information. Credible content appeals to this demographic. Generations X and Y are daily users who often go online during breaks at work or at night. They have limited time and want content that quickly delivers important information. And marketers also need to focus on the growing millennial market, a generation that has grown up using the Internet. Creative content and social media engagement are ways to attract this age group to your business.

Quality over quantity

Instead of saturating the Internet with 50 articles each month, focus on developing quality content over quantity. People overlook countless generic articles about the same topic. Offer statistics, provide value and speak to readers to get them to take action. Research your target market, develop profiles for potential customers, and speak to them. Engagement includes active involvement when customers contact the company. Forms of content include social media and blog comments, email, and forum conversations. Learn to be where your customers are online to build trust and generate more leads. Everyone prefers to deal with a familiar face.

Keep these basic SEO content marketing tactics in mind as you develop your campaigns for 2018. Make sure to track your ROI to determine what works best for your company. Paying attention to detail is the focus of modern marketing. 

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