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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

How I built a virtual internet marketing agency and became a self driven entrepreneur

I'm a Drop-Out student from a reputed institute in Bangladesh. I tried again and again, after all, I became a success. 

Wednesday May 31, 2017,

3 min Read

Hey, I'm Sofor here. 

What's up, Indians? I hope everything is going very well. I'm from your very closed country Bangladesh. I can understand that most of the reader and viewer of this post are wanting to become an entrepreneur or wanting to do something own. Now I'll share my own story here I hope you guys will get some inspiration from me. I know how to motivate people. 

I'm going to start from very beginning. I was a kid in class nine and I was in love with a classmate named 'Nasrin'. She refused me strictly and I was broken that time. I was thinking about suicide and I wasn't familiar with any kinds of wine or drugs that time that's why it was impossible to become a 'Devdas' for me. I was failed in four major subjects in 10th class. The major subjects are Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I wanna mention that she was a sister one of our honorable teachers. That's why I didn't get enough friends support in this relation but my buddies are really helpful.

After completing High-school life with a broken heart, I admitted in a Civil Engineering Institute in my District. Then I got my second crush and yeah it was on Facebook and now She is my wife. Coincidently, my wife name is also 'Nasrin'. 

I was a real poor in the study, most of my friends helped me in this case. I want to mention Harun and thank him for his awesome support. 

After studying 2 years in this institution I found that I'm not eligible to become a Civil Engineer. I started to read and study about Computer. I did help huge Computer department students in their Quiz, Homework and several computer problems. I was passionate about it. Then I realize that I should do something which is computer and internet related. 

I met with a guy named 'Roy Anik' in facebook and he said me about SEO and Blogging. I started to study about these under his guidance. I was surprised to see my improvement, even Roy Bhai was also delighted about me. 

I was providing some SEO and Internet marketing services through social media groups and it was individual. Then I realized that I need a team to do better work. 

I met with Naimul Islam who is Co-Founder of my Internet Marketing Agency SolutinEver. He is an awesome guy, he has huge hard work behind the success of SolutionEver. 

Right now, I'm out of my Civil Engineering Institute for doing very bad result and working a full-time internet entrepreneur. 

I think that it's the same story as like other internet marketers or bloggers. If you find some inspiration from my life, I will be glad. 

Thanks for reading.