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Sunday November 20, 2016,

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Car spa services have a lot to offer, but how many of us know about the unique services being offered. All we know is the interior and exterior cleaning. It’s time now to go in details. We jot down the details of your car spa, so that the next time you avail a Car Spa treatment you are aware of all treatments and can be an important part of your car spa.

1) Exterior car cleaning with details

Being car owners, We all are aware of all the troubles that one has to go through to keep their car clean. Even if we check it regularly, it doesn’t suffice. Washing the exterior of car with only water, is not enough, we are not able to protect the car’s paint from dust and mud that finds its way on the sides and bumpers of the car. The windshield which is prone to easy damage because of the scratches on the surface which are looked after with the help of swabbing devices and polishing creams.

Once the car is cleaned from outside it is then sent for either automated car cleaning mechanism where its all the work of machines or cleaning manually using high speed water pistons and foam specially designed, created and recommended for car cleaning purposes.

Professional cleaners’ uses special dry cleaning methods to collect dirt deposited deep within the nooks of car’s hood, grills, engine endings etc.

2) Interior car cleaning with details

Interior is where your car’s inside such as seat covers, upholstery, dashboard, window panels are cleaned using shampoo and vacuum cleaners that leave the interiors shining. apart from this professionals use disinfectants that are applied on AC shafts, steering wheel, handbrakes.

3) Paint correction

Car’s paint is as permanent as a nail polish, but it also tends to fade and sometimes peel out. For paint correction professionals use paint rejuvenation done with the help of branded polishing creams and scratch removes that protect your car from harsh UV rays of sun, dust, tree branches and bird dripping.

4) Car waxing and perfuming

At this stage, your car is ready for delivery back to your place after the agents are done waxing the interiors and installing new perfumes to keep the car smelling fresh and give you a feel of almost a new car.

5) Pick up and drop, parts replacement

Apart from offering cleaning services to tour car, professional cleaning company also offer a functional garage and parts replacement as well, you can call in for picking up and then dropping the car at your doorstep.

Now that you know what is in store for you, crank the wheels of the car and get it resolved by the car spa today and keep the fond memories you have with your car for a long time.

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