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Are you cyber safe?

In this age of technology we have completely forgotten to pay heed to our safety. 

Wednesday November 09, 2016,

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Increasingly more and more people are gaining access to mobile phones, computers and the internet, which are the three things that put you at extreme risk.

The recent post by an Indian girl living in Maryland who was a victim of Cyber stalking was definitely a very bold move, but how often do we see such cases being reported and being brought out in the open?

Did you know that more than Drug trafficking money is smuggled through Cyber crimes?

There are two types of cyber crimes – the first one target computers with viruses, malwares etc and the second one uses computers or any mobile devices to perform crimes such as cyber stalking, bullying, identity theft. 

Very much like any criminal activity, the most vulnerable tend to be the primary target. We are digital consumers in a very digital era and we completely rely on our phones and laptops to go about our day to day activities be it accessing the social media, or to buy something or for banking. We are a part of that generation which relies heavily on the internet, but what we end up neglecting in this process is our security by assuming that we’re safe.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your safety –

Secure your Computer and mobile

You need to keep updating your firewall settings. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software to combat viruses and malwares to avoid getting your personal details stolen. While on your phones download trusted applications only.

Encrypt your files

Make regular backups of all your data and store them in different locations. You should also encrypt all your important files, documents, pictures to avoid getting them stolen.

Protect your online identity

Before giving out important information like your address, contact number or your financial information make sure the website is safe. 

Update your Password

Make sure that you constantly keep updating the passwords and login details on your phone and computer. This will largely cut down your chances of becoming a victim.

Keep your Social Media in Check

Check your Security settings and be careful about what you post online and who has access to it. Being open to all can make you an easy target.

Cyber crimes have become the second most commonly reported crimes. The harsh truth is that this is one of the major drawbacks of this technological era which is going unnoticed. There are millions of people who are becoming victims of cyber crimes everyday which is why we need better methods to combat this issue.