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Top ten trusted mobile app development companies in SouthAfrica

Top ten trusted mobile app development companies in SouthAfrica

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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Mobile application development has become the necessity of the hour for a consumer-focused company. In the world where smartphones & tablet machine have become necessary, mobile apps play a significant role in business-consumer communication.App development process demands a complete well managed development cycle with highly skilled, experienced as well as skilled team to build mobile apps. Everything today is now possible in one’s hand and it is not showing that enterprises also have gone forward having that in mind. Mobile application development is the best decision as it can make or develop a company.

In every country, there are various mobile app development companies over the globe. All of them allow app development services despites of domains. So, it's very natural to hire mobile app developers to create a great app to help your company. Actually, to find the best and trusted mobile app development companies in south Africa is tough. I have analyzed some amazing things of every mobile app development company. You just need to check their website and their works.

The List Of Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In SouthAfrica

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is the leading mobile app development company which providing best mobility service in South Africa. They are the best with the possible of utilizing your ideas and creativities into a beautiful mobile application. They make you fit to keep some large technologies in your pockets. There are different applications, you really define them and that they develop it for you. Their experience on mobile app development company in increasing ranges from Games to Informational, transactional & business distinct in connection with another.

They solve business problems, identify opportunities, improve product ideas and global approaches. They mobile technologies to start different businesses or increase a profitability of existing companies. They developed striking and feature-rich mobile applications. Their team of developers will work with you to guarantee that your mobile application is conceptualized based on your enterprise needs and is designed with an UI that matches the best applications in the market.


AppExpert is a best mobile app development company, know the power & opportunities available to any company by digital platforms. So, they trained in application development for smartphones & tablets. They make by the solid business values secured within their experience, which has allowed them great experience working with great global companies, commercial companies, and start-ups and established names.

They are encouraged by the solid business values enclosed within their society, which has allowed them great experience working with great companies.

Go Life Mobile

Go Life Mobile Technologies develops wonderfully and affordable iPhone & iPad apps in South Africa and Turkey, either individual projects or corporate purposes. Their expertise is mobile application development. They have great experience to develop mobile applications. Really they always help to make your product to life, then sustain and improve it. They have creative designers who make amazing design.

They believe active and code much fast. Their mobile developers also work in agile sprints.

Kagiso Interactive

Kagiso Interactive is a best mobile app development company that provides advanced tools & technology their mobile app developers are ready to make highly customized mobile applications for customer needs & enterprises. Their experience & past work are the showcases of our brilliance in mobile app development. We appreciate that each business has some important goals and requirements that needed customized mobile apps.

By accessing a huge range of tools & technologies they create customized apps which are powerful & scalable for any devices.

Cobi interactive

Cobi Interactive is a Cape-town based mobile app development company that was established 2009. Their team is extremely experienced in mobile application development and user experience & interface design. With a great focus on a quality of app developed, transparent interaction and an honest approach to the way they do business, their in-house team is ideally provided to help with every one of your mobile needs.

Cobi Interactive is enthusiastic about providing to the mobile development community, both in South Africa and elsewhere.

Dragonfly Digital

They are a group of artistic, developers, strategists, and creative designers working concurrently to make excellent ideas. Their expertise and passion for everything digital have put us at the forefront of innovative marketing techniques & concepts. We are a full-service company, offering a combined approach that takes your brand to the digital life.

All of their work is evaluated by multiple members in order to minimize the prospect of errors. They are accurate in their observation to detail when it becomes to design & development.


Maxxor is a software development company with more than 10 years of experience providing software development services to leading companies in South Africa.They help their clients to mobile-allow their employees by enterprise mobile apps. Furthermore, they build cutting-edge web/mobile applications that help their business clients to happily interact with and interact with their consumers.

They promote a culture of perfection. They pay hard work & continuous self-improvement. They specialize in multi-platform application development with a center on mobile platforms.

Thought inc

Inspired by their enthusiasm & change, Thought inc is a Leading mobile app development firm. Their world class team blends expertise in change, approach, Technology, Marketing & Brand Positioning, their success grow from knowing the best-proven procedures to assure that they deliver on their client's needs from idea through to a highly successful implementation.

Their core focus is to make solutions for individuals & companies that position them on the cutting side of technology.


Afrideveloper is a software mobile app development company provides expert web design services. They have a dedicated team, well-versed in technical knowledge & well-experienced in developing unique mobile applications, to provide to your requirements.

They will always be by your side to provide you with excellent advice, be patient and willing to listen to all your views. They will always make sure your app looks good. They love and put enthusiasm into their development work.

Digital Society

The Digital Society is a Cape Town based Mobile app development Firm which provides startups and founded company strategy, design, and development services for unique iOS & Android mobile apps along with the needed server-side solutions & mobile sensitive websites. Their app developers are very skilled and experienced that produce an app that works efficiently and serves the customers.

Digital Society has a team of skilled employees who hold to be trust worthy as it can help your required destination.

The listed company details is based on my deep research. If you want to share any other company details then share here through comment. Develop your dream project with a trustworthy company. Hope this detailed analysis will help you to find the best company in a single place.