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4 Possible Ways to Protect Your Cricket Bat

4 Possible Ways to Protect Your Cricket Bat

Friday September 13, 2019,

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Cricket Bat is an important component in cricket-sports. Every cricket-lover wants to replicate the aspects of their favorite players. Aspects can be cricket bats, playing techniques & style, cricket grips & size, and many more. But, the most important key-sign which every cricket-lovers grab is cricket bats which primarily includes bat brand, style, key-specs, & features.

Although, the cricket bat is an essential asset. No one wishes to fork out a new cricket sock for every year or month. Apart from playing cricket only, one should also have to take care of their cricket bats by protecting and maintaining them from any of the damage/cracks. So below are the 4 main ways with which you can take care of your cricket bats.

4 Possible Ways to Protect, Repair, And Maintain Your Cricket Bat:

  1. Knocking & Oiling
  2. Taping
  3. Toe-protecting
  4. Maintaining Sock

1. Knock-in, Oil it, Protect it:

Knock-in your cricket bat helps in protection against the impact of a cricket bat. Oiling helps in maintaining the moisture levels of your cricket bats within the blade.

How to Knock-in and Oiling:

Knock-in your cricket bat either with a simple ball or wooden mallet. Prefer to knock-in edges & face of your cricket bat before the game. To reduce the risk of cracking, try to oil your cricket bats before using it.

2. Apply tape on bat face:

Both edges & face are primarily on the higher verge which can increase the crack rate on your cricket bats. However, oiling and knock-in your best cricket bats is a way to protect your sock but taping is also essential for your cricket bat.

How to Apply:

Once the match or game finishes, you will find out some horizontal cracks in the face of the bat. On that point, one must apply the fiber tape either on the cracked spots or full playing face.

3. Protect your cricket bat toe:

Often too many talks about edges and faces, still the most important component of the bat is pending and that is toe protection. Risk of cracking can be more if your bat hits a speedy cricket ball without any toe protection & can also harm the blade as well.

How to protect:

Simple, yet efficient way is to protect your toe is applying a toe guard on your cricket bat. This can ensure the long-lasting of your cricket bat.

4. Manage your cricket bat after a while:

Maintaining your cricket bat eventually after use is the most difficult task. Retaining it in an efficient and good way, can offer a very good life & care to your bat.

How to Maintain:  

Try to use linseed oil for every 5 to 6 weeks (approx.). This can enhance the flexibility of your bat. Always maintain the grip of the sock incorrect position only i.e. Horizontally. Place your bat in dry and frosty locations.


A cricket bat is your dignity and delight which needs to be protected. By applying the above-defined ways can guide you better in protecting & enhancing the long-life of your cricket socks. As you never know, you can play better in your next game with our bat care & protection guide.