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InfoIndiadirect.com 'A small initiative to bring India to your home'

InfoIndiadirect.com 'A small initiative to bring India to your home'

Monday January 09, 2017,

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Info Direct India was started with an aim of helping all Indian staying across the globe to have an easy access to reliable and quality information for all things Indian. If you are an India living away from your home country, this website will help you experience a true Indian lifestyle.



Info India Direct does what it says. This e-social site and information sharing portal is designed for all those people who want to get an insight into the Indian culture. India has always remained as one of the favorite holiday destination for many. Whether we talk about an Indian resident, someone who just appreciate the country or an Indian living abroad, we help everyone enjoy a unique experience.

When the idea of making Infoindidirect.com was conceived, we wanted the site to offers its customers a lot more than just being another information website. We had the vision to design and develop a website that will allow the community to feel connected with India and get an insight of the Indian culture.

Our value lies in creating a nostalgic user experience for our contributors, subscribers and readers regardless of the space they are currently in. Our website is much

more than just being another information website. It allows our readers, contributors, subscribers and the community as whole to feel connected with the country and enjoy connecting with the country.

Our team works very hard to maintain a whole variety of information to engage the community and keep them coming back for more! We keep our readers up-to-date with all the latest news, politics, Bollywood gossip, sports news and much more! Our readers and contributors matter to us the most and we do our best to provide you with valuable content!

Initiated in 2016, Info India Direct aimed at bringing authentic, useful, engaging and timely information from India to the world. Since the day of its inception, our team has been working hard to provide value to the readers. We aim at uniting individuals of Indian origin living in different parts of the world or those who have a passion for learning new things about India with the country.