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Wireless variable message signs for road safety

Wireless variable message signs for road safety

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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Variable message signs comes with easy installation and its wireless technique ebables it to be installed anywhere like highways, major road junctions, and urban arteries. Typically installed at the side or above the roadway, the VMS uses text and graphics in monochrome or color. The adaptability of variable message signs makes them appropriate for giving traffic information to various situations, including emergencies, construction ahead and about road closures. The vms can also be used in cities to communicate events and activities, public office schedules, waste collection, parking availability, and travel warnings in several languages.

Some potential uses of VMS:-

Lane Closures and Recommended Speed by Lane

VMS is the most helpful device to give proper information about a lane closures and to show various speed limits. Which enable drivers to slow down before reaching a downstream danger to improve the traffic flow by the use of variable speed limits.

Weather Information:

VMS can be used to inform drivers of weather conditions such as fog, ice or snow. This helps the driver to slow down the speed of the vehicle and move with the speed which he/she can control the vehicle easily.

Parking Guidance Information

These VMS boards are also playing very important role in the parking areas. Drivers are getting quickly to a free parking space by taking hints from these Portable VMS where occupancy levels are low.

Safety messages:

This board has often played an important role in providing the general road safety message like “SLOW DOWN” or “TAKE A BREAK” which helps the driver to be in speed limits.

How Variable Message Sign promotes Road Safety?

Variable Message Signs display an instant message when an accident or any other incident take place which helps to cause traffic stop or divert. This helps in clear the traffic instantly on the spot, allowing the emergency services to reach the place where an incident happens, as soon as possible which help to reduce the chances of any serious Danger.

The VMS boards can be used to display warning messages at the time of natural disasters like a hurricane, floods, rock climbing, etc. and get people alert about the coming danger so that they can be prepared before any natural tragedy take place.

This mobile vms is also used to reduce the speed limits of the vehicles on freeways and highways helping in manage the traffic, which helps to reduce the accidents and other unwanted tragedies which are common on the highways these days.

Applications of VMS:

• It has Excellent quality and durability.

• Outstanding reliability.

• Comes with the User-friendly operating program.

• Much impressive and Vibration-resistant design.

• Low energy usage and low operating cost of installation.

• Easy to install anywhere.

• The Display is controlled via centralized software adjusted to your communication requirements (GPRS, GSM, Wireless).

• High quality of LEDs in various colors, with sufficient viewing angle.

• Resolution in accordance with international standards

• Display operation from the central PC as well as directly via mobiles or keyboard.

• Modular approach and thereby highest flexibility.

• Automatic regulation of luminance ensuring good visibility in all weather conditions.

• Variable message sign provides accurate information reports to the control center using simply integrated cameras


Nowadays, with the advancement in the technology, lots of solutions are introduced for the road safety. Dynamic message signs are one of the useful solutions that offers lots of features like longer battery life, low power consumption, low maintenance, and remote programming etc.