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Enterprise chatbot solutions to increase productivity

Enterprise chatbot solutions to increase productivity

Tuesday November 07, 2017,

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The term chatbot is everywhere at the moment, but why? Well, aside from acting as an integral part of your customer care, sales, and marketing team, chatbots can help large enterprises become more productive, thus increasing customer and employee engagement, and in turn, sales.


Thanks to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that powers them, they’re able to have human-like conversations with people where enterprise chatbot solutions can even recognize slang, colloquial language, and formal language, and that’s not to mention emojis and punctuation.

In addition to the above, chatbots are allowing enterprises to cut down costs and energy spent on numerous business activities. As a result, I’ve put together a list of ways enterprise chatbot solutions can increase productivity, as well as highlighting how best to implement one into your company processes.

How Can Enterprise Chatbot Solutions Increase Productivity?

As well as being customer-facing and internal-facing, chatbots can help improve productivity, while also having a positive impact on your team's morale. Here are a few ways chatbots can help your organization save time, money, and reduce effort, thus increasing your overall productivity:

Automate Business Processes

While chatbots may still currently be slightly limited in terms of functionality, they are able to complete more repetitive and mundane tasks as well, if not better than humans. In fact, they can often complete multiple tasks simultaneously without error. This allows you to automate a huge variety of internal and external business processes.

For example, your chatbot could answer all your HR and IT departments' most frequently asked questions. It could provide your employees with information regarding their pay, holiday leave, sick leave, and even computer login problems without taking any time away from your HR and IT departments. It could also answer simple customer support questions, allowing your team to spend more time answering the phones, emails, and completing orders.

Acting as Personal Assistants

Offering a personal assistant to each and every one of your employees wouldn’t be feasible. The costs would be too high, let alone the additional desk space you'd need to have around the office. But, what if your chatbot could undertake most, if not all the tasks that a personal assistant could? While chatbots can’t take over from your employees, they can help them with a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis, for example:

Setting up emails

Sending reminders

Scheduling, editing, and canceling meetings

Helping manage expenses

Booking business travel and accommodation

Most recently, voice-activated chatbots have also become popular, offering employees a completely frictionless experience where they do not have to change interfaces on their computers to make requests to their new personal assistants.

Teaching Teams New Tricks

An enterprise chatbot solution can help you train new employees without paying for expensive outsourced companies to do the job for you. By using an enterprise chatbot solution, you will be able to move all your training sessions online.

Aside from more advanced training programs, your chatbot can help teach your customer care representatives about new products, services, or policies, allowing for a smooth transition to a new working environment. They can also add a bit of personality to your training programs with emojis and gifs, thus increasing company morale.

Making Project Collaborations More Straightforward

While new platforms such as Slack have already started a shift towards messaging for project collaborations, chatbots are taking that one step further by adding a level of automation to the mix. Aside from streamlining all business processes through one platform, a chatbot makes every interaction between your team members and with customers safe thanks to the right security features and data encryption.

Gathering Data and Feedback

AI-powered enterprise chatbot solutions allow you to generate a mound of data not found elsewhere. While the process of analyzing it is still slightly challenging, the data is much more readily available than that of phone and email communications between humans.

As a result, teams can create much more thorough reports in much less time. That data can then be used to increase productivity by identifying problem areas within the company more efficiently. While personal assistants and data analysts do still play a key role within companies, as AI and deep learning become more complex, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see chatbots take over these positions completely in the future.

How to Create an Enterprise-Grade Chatbot?

Enterprise chatbot solutions like Chatty people make it easier than ever before to integrate a chatbot with AI and NLP into your internal and external business processes. The best part is, the platform’s custom solutions allow you to create a bot in a matter of minutes with absolutely no coding or programming knowledge.

Chattypeople's powerful dashboard enables you to create a chatbot that can:

Integrate with your customer care, sales, HR, IT, and marketing departments, as well as internal business processes

Monetize your social media platforms by taking orders directly from your messaging applications

Push personalized offers and promotions to consumers, on demand

Recognize variations in your trigger words and phrases

Integrate with all the major payment systems

How to Implement a Chatbot to Increase Productivity?

To implement an enterprise-grade chatbot into your business processes, you first need to get approval from your various teams. Start by testing an easy to implement chatbot that everyone can adapt to undertake a set of simple yet specific tasks. The more your teams become comfortable using your new chatbot, the quicker you can add chatbots with more advanced features to your various business processes.

To make sure your teams adopt the use of your chatbot, you must learn about how they work in order to fully understand where chatbots will help them become more productive. Once you have done all the adequate testing, implement your chatbot company-wide by:

Actively engaging non-users within the company to show them the benefits of using your chatbot

Ask for feedback to continuously improve your chatbot

Give your chatbot a level of personality so that your employees feel more inclined to use it, thus increasing productivity further


There is no doubt that chatbots have made a significant splash in the enterprise world, and I’m a strong believer that they’re here to stay as we see further improvement in AI and NLP technology every year. These chatbots are able to increase company productivity on a huge scale, leaving more time for your teams to focus on revenue-generating activities.