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The Future Of Car Industry

Science is so powerful that it has brought this world bound to technology. The advancement has brought the best and it has also revealed the worst. 

The Future Of Car Industry

Saturday November 25, 2017,

3 min Read

Science is so powerful that it has brought this world bound to technology. The advancement has brought the best and it has also revealed the worst. Who imagined that the world would have such a strong, responsive and timeless communication system? Or if there’s anybody who thought of roads packed with automobiles and millions of engine on the run. Has it made the world better? Of course it did. But nobody ever took serious to what curse it brought.

This era we have found innovations at its best. So much of fresh and life changing ideas linked to technology has taken over. The world is coming at the point to revolutionize the oldies and bring in the enhancement.

Petrol driven cars to obsolete

It is about to be a century passed and we are just sick to see cars being run on petroleum and controlled mechanically. The time is near when all this will be a part of history and the world will witness enrichment. It is strongly believed that the car industry will immensely alter in the approaching 5 years.

Cars have moved towards electrification. What we have started to see is the advancement, with cars consuming eco friendly fuel resources and being controlled electronically.

The introduction of hybrid cars such as Chevrolet that are making combined use of gasoline and battery technology.

Cars have now been taken over by enhanced services and diagnostics such as hardware for security purposes. It has given comfort to drivers through turn by turn navigation and hands free calling. The subscription based communication has proven to be of greater advantage and superior surveillance.


Vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V)

The auto industry is advancing faster today than ever. Experts are pioneering wireless 4G connectivity. Wow! This means that the cars will communicate to each other. It’s a major initiative for controlling accidental losses. How will it work? The cars closer to each other will be interconnected through Wi-Fi signals and will recognize the Car speed, direction of travel and road and weather conditions.

In cases of sudden stop or possible collisions the cars will be alerted within no time, avoiding major breakthroughs. Furthermore the system will have a partial control on the steering and brakes to minimize human errors.


Live Saving Innovation

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication could bring strong resistance in the day to day road accidents. It is expected to have almost 70% cars converted into this platform by 2020. It will engage in recreation of dropping up to 80% of accidental damages and lives. If talked with the reference of reports, U.S has been involved in ending 33000 lives by collisions and crashing in a single year. The progression of artificial intelligence will surely bring a good sign and a decisive victory to unforeseen crashes.

The further step to connectivity is the vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. This is innovated to reduce the congestion and wastage of fuel. The population is going to increase so do the vehicles on the road and this is something alarming that needs to be controlled.

We have seen autonomous cars tested successfully and been ridden on roads. All this makes a good sense and a bright expectations uprising.


Auto Shipping’s Potential

We have seen some best innovation in the car industry and we expect to see the same in the upcoming years. The trucks can keep the environment clean only if we consider the possibilities. Fueling them with biogas or non-pollutant resources bring a positive change in the environment. Moreover thousands of car shipping every day by trucks and some faces terrible accidents. Introduction of this artificial intelligence and communication between vehicles will definitely reduce crashes and uncertainties.