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Do You Want Successful Marketing? Here’s the Condition

Marketing is not only limited to produce a profit, but also to maintain good relations with customers

Do You Want Successful Marketing? Here’s the Condition

Saturday January 07, 2017,

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Marketing is an activity undertaken a series of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and build relationships with customers to make it profitable for the company. Marketing is the most important activity of a company for marketing is instrumental in achieving the company's goals. The goal is to benefit, develop business becomes more widespread, maintaining the existence of the company, and so on. A business can succeed and do not depend on the ability of management and marketing team's expertise to market your products or services. To achieve marketing success, a company must be able to see a variety of other factors besides the advantage of material. Marketing activities should be able to make companies and consumers conduct transactions over the long term, meaning that customers are not just buying a product, but it can become loyal customers and add new customers.


The Basic Factor in Marketing

Companies that want to achieve successful marketing must know the basic factor in the marketing concept. Factors of this nature can be a benchmark for companies to implement a marketing activity. Essentially marketing activities can be packaged in such a way, but should not be out of the marketing concept. If a company has come out of the marketing concept, the marketing activities cannot achieve the desired target. Here are the three basic factors in the marketing concept that must be applied by a company:

• All channel planning and activities undertaken by the company should be based on the needs and desires of consumers or target market.

• The volume of profitable sales should be used as corporate purposes, not for the sake of volume itself.

• Each company's marketing activities must always be mutually coordinated and integrated with the organization.

In a process there are elements of marketing communications, creation, value delivery, and management of customer relationships. It proves that marketing is not intended to meet the needs of customers and satisfy the desires of customers, but marketing is expected to create a value in the minds of customers to be able to retain such customers.

Importance of Marketing for Customers

Successful marketing certainly has a very important meaning for the customer. Marketing can provide information, delivery of product value, and manage a good relationship with the company. Customers can find out the reference and information of a product or company through the process of communication in marketing activities undertaken by the company. Customers can determine the value of a product. Customers will also be more confident and loyal to a product for marketing that can be done to establish good relations with customers. Marketing is aimed to determine the wants and needs of consumers so that the process of the company can satisfy the desires and needs of consumers but began to develop marketing objectives. This development should be followed by the company if it does not want to lose customers.

Succeed Marketing Requirements

A successful marketing should be able to maintain good relations with customers. This is done by way of responding to customer complaints quickly and resolve the complaint in a fair manner and delivered with a polite language. The complaint is an advantage for the company, meaning that marketing activities undertaken to get a response from the customers. Customers want to provide feedback, suggestions, and complaints are something to be grateful by the company so that the company gets feedback from marketing activities. Marketing is not only to determine the benefits to be obtained by the company, but marketing is also decisive advantage with customers in the longer term. The good relationship will result in customers who voluntarily want to recommend products to the closest people. The marketing network will evolve by itself in line with consumer confidence to the company. The point is that a good relationship can provide more customers and customers who ultimately loyal to the products or services produced by the company. It is a very valuable asset and must be maintained by the company.