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7 frugal living tips that can help you to save up to $1000 a month

7 frugal living tips that can help you to save up to $1000 a month

Thursday January 11, 2018,

5 min Read


Do you also follow frugal living lifestyle? If yes then this article is really going to help you to save some of your hard-earned money without sacrificing your needs. For most people, the term frugal is consider compromising with our desires and needs. But this is not same all the time there are certain ways through which you can save your money without killing your desires. I have been writing on personal finance more than a year and found there are amazing ways to save and earn money.

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the best ways through which you can save a substantial amount on your monthly expenses. You must have heard this proverb that a "penny is saved is a penny earned" and this is actually true. The more you are able to save on your expenses the less you have to earn to meet your needs.

Following are the tips which can help you to save money

1. Save money with Review sites

Most of the people have heard this term before and they must be reducing their monthly expenses with review sites. But for those who are new to this term, I would like to tell that you can save lots of money with the help review sites. there are lots of websites who offer free products in exchange for your valuable feedback and surveys. Amazon review sites are one of the best ways to reduce your monthly budget. Here you can find both free and heavy discounted products. And the list covers almost everything such as clothes, electronics, cosmetics, personal care and other household items.

2. Reduce your budget on Entertainment

If you have cable TV and internet at home then you can reduce your entertainment budget up to 50%. Disconnect your cable and replace your cable TV with internet. Do you know that you can watch everything online whether it is a movie or TV show? An American spend minimum $60 a month for Cable TV which he can easily save with the help of internet. Get some more details about the best websites to watch free movies online and Project Free TV. These are online websites where you can legally stream and download your entertainment stuff. 

3. Make money from survey sites

Survey sites are the easiest ways to make some extra money online in your free time. These sites pay you a certain amount for attempting surveys, watching videos and completing tasks. Join some of the best survey sites like Swagbucks, and globaltestmarket to make some extra money. And here you are making money from the task which you usually do so we are not making any extra efforts to make money. 

You can also participate in Walmart survey to earn $1000 gift card. Which they conduct quarterly. Most of the survey sites either pay you through PayPal or offer various gift card which you can use for online purchasing. 

4. Reduce your bills on groceries 

Review sites provide discounted and free products in various categories but you will find that groceries are very limited in that. the sites mostly provide benefits to electronic and personal care items. But there are certain ways through which you can get a decent discount on grocery bills. Check out some of the popular schemes like Walmart saving catcher, Meijer Mperks and Walmart money card that can reduce your bills up to 3% or more on your total purchasing. 

5. Get free products from Craiglist

We have already discussed that there are plenty of products we can get free of cost from review sites. But very few of us would be aware that you can find some cool items on craigslist and these are completely free. Many people list their items with $0 on craigslist which would quite surprising but that's true. So all you need to do is to search free stuff on craigslist and contact them how to receive their products. In such cases, you only need to pay the shipping charge.

Please verify the details and validate the deal carefully before initiating any step because craigslist is free and that's why people use this platform for fraud and criminal activities as well. 

6. Reduce your restaurant bills

Most of the frugal experts would suggest you to stop visiting the restaurant in order to save money. But I don't recommend this to my readers instead I suggest them to find some great deals and discounts which can help you to reduce your bills up to 40% or more. In case of special occasions like birthday, and anniversary many restaurants offer free dinner, meals or a special dish to their visitor. 

7. Health tips to reduce your medical expenses

Being healthy is one of the toughest tasks in these days. And most of us are not healthy because of our unhealthy lifestyles. Excessive unhealthy eating can lead you many diseases like Blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart and many other different diseases which swallow your fixed amounts every month. So if you start eating healthy foods you can save almost 60% on your medical expenses. And for certain diseases, it can be up to 100%. 

However, I don't recommend my audience not to buy Medical insurance. But go for nominal one and try not to pay for those diseases which you can control yourself. 


Frugal living lifestyle is not a compulsion but a choice which you make in order to save money. And my approach for a frugal living is quite different from the others because I never believe to cut off the things which are made for us and other people's are enjoying.Because we are also a human being and have strong desires towards the things which are necessary for our satisfaction and comfort. You can't spend your entire life only working, eating and sleeping. There are lots of things out there which we all want to enjoy and all you need to do is to find a better approach. So just figure out the better ways so that you have to pay less without sacrificing your needs.