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3 Important lessons I learned from my three websites

3 Important lessons I learned from my three websites

Tuesday March 21, 2017,

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Actually, it’s not three but 5 websites. I have chosen only important three sites.

During my college days, I wanted to create something to become popular and not to make money because I sincerely believed making money online is scam, sin and I will be arrested.

This is what my understanding about online money making program. Basically, I am from a mechanical background so don’t have knowledge of coding to create a website but slowly I learned PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery and Mysql on YouTube and started creating my own web pages.

While creating and marketing my websites I have learned few important lessons and I would like to share with everyone which could be useful for wannapreneurs like me.


I started this as a social network for my college students it’s like Facebook but additionally, here students and teachers can connect to share notes online and can put important announcements on the online notice board.

I just completed learning PHP, HTML and CSS then so the front end was very poor nobody wanted to signup except my close friends.

My friends suggested me to take help from IT/CS students but I didn’t listen I wished to do it on my own but unfortunately the website couldn’t sustain for a long time because of the very poor user interface.

Here I learned, An individual may have knowledge on everything but cannot execute everything solely he needs a good team. Whether it is a success or failure it should happen with a team effort.

I was creating and marketing the website solely for more than 9 months and failed eventually. If I had a team I would make it successful with effective efforts from all.

An entrepreneur should be without ego.


This website I started with an intention to make money by displaying coupons and deals through which I can also sell affiliated amazon ,eBay and Flipkart products.

I started business pages on social media and started spreading the news but didn’t reach outside my college.

I was thinking people will come and make a purchase on my site but no one knows except few.

I was running this for one year by spending my pocket money but didn’t find profitable so I stopped it.

After shutting down I realized if I don’t speak for my product no one will speak for it. I should have promoted more with a good team.

Not only promotion I should also have done some basic market research before launching this site. After putting up the shutters I came to know there are a lot of similar websites are there already in the market and not doing well except one or two.

Now someone bought the same domain and doing the same business.

After mypaisa I started megaidols.com and sketchpencils.in in different niches but the loss of perseverance failed me again. My friends started saying “Because you know coding you are making new websites every month and calling you as an entrepreneur.

Actually, It’s true.

Entrepreneurs need perseverance we cannot expect profit from the next month onwards it may take more months but when we believe and work on it continuously with team effort definitely we can achieve.

Patience and perseverance are entrepreneur’s mantra for success.


This is a tech blog I am writing for more than 13 months. I started this blog to build a passive income in near future by publishing quality contents.

My blog didn’t cross 25-30 views per day for almost six months but I didn’t give it up this time.

I started working on SEO to generate sustainable views in future, read so many articles, followed successful bloggers and eventually now my blog posts are hitting google first page for some keywords.

Recently I started making money from my blog through AdSense, sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

Even today I am working on to increase the number of views than the previous day.

I started speaking for my blog more than I spend on writing I spend time on promoting and reading articles.

I could see the day is very near and will achieve what I dreamt.

The important lesson I learned is a goal without a plan is just a wish. We need to have a strong roadmap to achieve our target.

Every month I am setting a monthly and daily target to be achieved and working on continuously.

You might have heard about Teamwork, Perseverance, and Goal with a proper plan are important for success many times but here I just demonstrated how it will affect your idea or business if anyone misses.