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Come.... Make in Syrma.....

How Syrma is making life easier for Electronic Hardware Start-ups in India

Sunday November 06, 2016,

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We hear so much about how Hardware Start-ups in India have a difficult time building their protos or taking their ideas into serial production. 

Syrma Technologies in Chennai has been quietly helping hardware start-ups realise their dreams for quite a while. It has supported and made at least 9 start-ups successful so far and has been working with at least 5 more.The numbers may look rather modest but that is because Syrma never sought out these start-ups. Syrma simply started "helping" start-ups invested into by its Co-Founder and well known Angel Investor, Sandeep Tandon. Syrma had to quickly build capabilities and skills, esp., soft skills to handle the unique needs of start-ups. Today, Syrma is driven by its business model of Co-creation (Idea to design to proto to serial production) and Product Realisation (converting the crude prototypes of the start-up into a viable, reliable and manufacturable product) that is uniquely positioned to seek out and help Hardware start-ups to become successful. 

Initial Challenges 

For a ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and IS13485 certified company that is Syrma, getting used to the unique and "creative disruption" of start-ups was a very big challenge. Lots of soft skills training was required for our New Product Introduction teams to take these in stride. 

The other challenge was handling the small quantities of parts required at the trial phase of the product while holding on to Syrma's avowed norm of sourcing components from only certified and reliable suppliers. In spite of Syrma's long experience in low to medium volume production runs, this remains a key challenge but Syrma has found innovative ways to mitigate it.

How does Syrma support

Syrma, using its 3+ decades of domain expertise, tactfully helps hardware start-ups become successful in several ways: 1. refine their ideas and product designs, 2. Syrma, by not having a Brand of its own in the market and also working long years with Global majors, focusses on delivering the products to its customers while respecting the spirit of Non-disclosure and Non-compete and protecting their IP, 3. help source the right components and find suppliers, 4. offer both Board build and complete box build solutions including electro-mechanical design, sourcing, manufacturing/assembly, 5. optimise footprints, reliability, quality and cost of the product through its strength in Design, Engineering, Testing and Product Validation/Certification, and 6. last but not the least, the easy inward and outward logistics being in the Special Economic Zone. This allows components to be quickly imported and in-warded into Syrma within hours of their landing in India. 

It is, therefore, time for Hardware start-ups to Come.... Make in Syrma.....

About Syrma

Syrma is a 10-year old electronic hardware manufacturer in Chennai's MEPZ and supplies over 70% of its products overseas and to some of the big global names. Its part of the 4-decade old Tandon Group and is eminently familiar with regulatory and statutory laws and deeply understands the electronic hardware domain. Syrma's products include design and manufacture of Electronic Boards and boxes, RFID tags, Magnetic coils and transformers and GSM Antennas.Visit us at www.syrmatech.com