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6 content marketing tactics that will double your site's conversions in 3 months.

6 content marketing tactics that will double your site's conversions in 3 months.

Saturday October 22, 2016,

4 min Read

How would you feel if you could increase the amount of sales conversions on your site in the next 90 days? The importance of publishing high-quality content continues to increase with Google’s prioritisation on user experience and advancements in its Panda algorithm. Adding content marketing into your overall marketing mix can increase your site’s sales and profit margins significantly. Rather than slogging away to get traffic and new leads, turn your website into a lead magnet with these handy content marketing tactics.


This is the easiest way to start doing content marketing on your website. It creates an opportunity for people to discover your content, as well as amplify the perceived value of your brand. You shouldn’t blog aimlessly. You should create content that taps into the problems, frustrations and desires of your niche audience. The content should support the site as a type of ‘ecosystem’, that will attract an audience and new customers over the long-term.

You can find the topics that people are interested in by doing topic searches on discussion boards like Quora, or keyword research on Google’s Keyword Planner.

Guest blogging.


Guest blogging is a great way to get your site more exposure. Find other established blogs in your niche and tap into their audience by publishing posts that provide valuable insights to their interests. A good guest blog could yield hundreds or thousands of new site visitors over the course of a couple of weeks. It will cost you time, however your site could gain several new customers and referrals, thus growing your business’s revenue and profit.


This is the most cost effective way to amplify your brand presence. Sending regular newsletters is a great way to increase your site’s awareness and stay at the front of mind of prospects. When they need to use or recommend your services in the future, they will be able to recall your brand and will be willing to give their business to you.


Don’t underestimate the power of conducting a webinar. At an offline event, being a speaker means that you get an entire audience focusing on you. This means you can share value and pitch your products or services directly to that audience. A webinar works in the same way and can be used as a part of your business’s ‘freemium’ model, where the audience gets access to valuable information for free before they chose to proceed with a purchase.

You can position the webinar as an exclusive event and even limit the number of placements. You can also answer any questions or queries in real-time.

YouTube videos.


YouTube videos are a great way to get your business discovered and to develop an online following. The platform has over 1 billion searches per day and several people are looking for information on products or services in several niches.

YouTube also suggests videos, so people can easily discover your content through video recommendations or when it is listed in YouTube’s organic search results.(Check this case study here)

 You can even go a step further and promote your content on YouTube through Adwords. (You can see this guide on setting up YouTube Adwords campaign here.)


One of the best ways to amplify your professional presence is by publishing a book and becoming an accredited author. Selling an ebook is one way to improve your business’s revenue stream, however it can also be used to create PR opportunities to get more exposure for your business.

You can use the ebook to get interviews on prominent websites, television and radio shows. Typically, they will invite you as a guest and interview you as an author. They will also credit your site with a link from their site (or sites), which tend to have a high domain authority.

A well-crafted ebook gives you credibility and qualifies the reader so that they are prepared to do business with you. It eliminates the risk and price barriers that prevents people from going through with the purchase. It is also easier to upsell higher-ticket items to these prospects.

What should you expect after implementing these tactics?

The sales process for your business should be quicker. Instead of spending time educating the customer on the features and benefits of what you are offering, they should already understand it and they should feel prepared to proceed with the sale.

Additionally, you should start to develop a following of brand advocates that will be ready to refer your products and services to other potential buyers.

Take a look at your current marketing mix and identify any areas where your business can start implementing these content marketing tactics. From our experience, we’ve seen improvements in 30 days and we are confident that you will get improvements in your site’s conversions over the next 90 days.