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Why Is MBA More Than Just A Degree?

Thursday October 12, 2017,

3 min Read

We live in a world wherein discovering one’s passion is considered to be serious business. In the process of tracking down these passions, students often find themselves pursuing one degree after another - only to end up in a state of confusion about which courses to choose from and which career streams to go after. To these students, an MBA degree can often come as a breath of fresh air. Let us discover how and why an MBA degree often proves to be far more valuable and fruitful than any other degree.

It sharpens your innate understanding:

An MBA degree teaches students the very art and science of decision-making. The course refines the students’ logical thinking abilities, mathematical aptitude as well as communication skills. Put together, these are the very capabilities that allow one to think clearly and respond to situations in a smart, stable and rapid manner.

It helps you become an entrepreneur:

If you’re planning on launching your own business startup, you need to be well equipped with the right knowledge and knowhow of managing an organization. An MBA degree helps you understand exactly that. 

It is a great addition to your résumé:

Having a degree or even an actual job experience no longer guarantees you a good pay package. Which is where an MBA degree steps in to save the day. The very fact that a student has successfully managed to complete an MBA course stands testimony to the fact that the student is hardworking, polished and dedicated towards achieving his or her set goals. This fact becomes the highlight of the candidate’s résumé and helps attract high-paying jobs towards them.

It helps strengthen the economy:

The more MBA graduates a country has, the greater is the number of entrepreneurs and organizations looking to invest in that country. This is primarily because even though manpower is always available for cheap labor in most countries, good leadership is hard to come by. Which is why a country such as India is now seeing tremendous growth in the number of industries and jobs, which in turn is helping strengthen and empower the national economy and GDP as well.

It guarantees financial stability:

An MBA degree rarely goes under-appreciated. What this means is that most organizations out there require MBAs for managing and overseeing a variety of tasks – therefore making sure that no MBA graduate is ever out of a job. Not only do management professionals get great pay packages – as clearly evidenced by the high income packages secured by SIBM students each year post placements - they also have exceptional employability in general. All of these things help contribute to their continued financial stability. Besides these benefits, they also bring in precious foreign exchange into the country while doing overseas work.

It gets you recognized globally:

MBA is one qualification that is not only recognized all around the world, but also sought after by everyone from small scale organizations to multinational corporations. 

We hope this information regarding the true value of an MBA degree proves useful and beneficial to you. We wish you the very best of luck for your future management education!