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The Funny Guy

Thursday September 28, 2017,

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During our MBA days we were a fun bunch, we had a great group with different characters the Playboy, the handsome one, the serious one, the Idiot, the funny guy just to characterize a few. The funny guy was one of my best friend during the MBA days let's call him "Rancho" and i'll tell you in a bit why. I was the kind of a student who was least bothered about the studies and would think of doing everything else except attend classes or study. Most of the people from our group would protest or back-out of the mischievous plans i used to come up with but not Rancho, he was always there ready to jump in on any plan any time. He always had the funniest thing to say , he was observant, quick witted and always had a one liner punch ready to tickle us all, he was one of the funniest guy i had seen. He was also my backup for all the fights that i used to pick with locals, seniors or even teachers. As a group we were branded the most notorious ones in the college who were not going to do anything especially us two. 

Six months went by like this; one mischief over another, one party after another and we finished our first semester exams. just after 3 idiots was released we also got our results and guess who topped the exams Rancho!!. We all were stunned and the dialogue from the movie "Dost ke fail hone se zyada dukh dost ke top kar jaane pe hota hai" proved to be true. Turns out rancho was smart enough to top the university rankings, huh who could have thought surely i didn't. Well we all had a great time in remaining days of our college and as we all expected at a very stage he got himself a sweet placement in a good company with great package. He even cheated once to get me a job placement, which me being me I didn't take. Once the college was done we all went our ways, to different places, cities to work. No matter how hard we tried we could never make a plan with others to meet because of their jobs and other commitments . 

Rancho called me a month back and i didn't return his call because i was busy in a meeting. Why i am telling you all this coz Rancho passed away last night, he had brain tumor and now i will never get a call from him, i'll never be able to hear another joke from him or see him again. I could've taken a minute to call him back and talk to him but i didn't coz i thought i have all the time in my life turns out we don't and now i have lost one of my dearest friend and i couldn't even say goodbye. Today i realized how important friendships are and how short life could be, so stop running and worrying about the future, stop and take a moment to enjoy the present with your loved ones, with your friends, family coz life is here today now. 

This is for you Rancho, We'll always miss you.                                                                           Rest in Peace.

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