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Top 5 eCommerce platforms for your online store

If you are planning to start an Online store, it’s very important to choose the right eCommerce platform that can streamline your online business and guide you in generating improved ROI.

Top 5 eCommerce platforms for your online store

Wednesday May 10, 2017,

3 min Read

It’s the eCommerce wave going on in the country that has just taken the retail industry with storm of selling online. There’s a rat race in the industry as every business just want to jump on the bandwagon of selling products through online store. This insane craze of having an online store is justified after the continuous uprising trend in number of customers buying things online. As per the recent stats, the number of consumers who purchase online is expected to cross 100 million by 2017 end which is a huge upward growth of about 65%. So it’s clear from the fact that this online shopping trend is sure going to rule the internet in the coming days. No wonder as why every business wants to start an online store because they want to stay competitive in the market.

eCommerce Website Platforms

eCommerce Website Platforms

Now when it comes to selection of eCommerce platforms, there are plenty of options available but the wise decision would be to choose the best among all which can deliver robust user experience, should be SEO friendly to outshine on search engines, easy to use and can help you in achieving the desired business goals.

Here’s the list of top 5 eCommerce platforms that will surely transform your ideas into a reality with online store:


The most popular platform among all, Shopify is the most used eCommerce platform and focuses on social commerce and mobile shopping. The platform is known for its easy integration, ninja loading speed, ease of use, varied payment gateway options & of course the comprehensive SEO friendly options. Not only this, but Shopify also has the option to connect your online store directly with Facebook page for selling which is a plus.


Magento is the jack of all trades kind of platform. Acclaimed as the fastest growing platform amongst all, Magento offers the robust eCommerce store with several advanced features required for state-of-the-art online store. Acquired with almost one-fourth of the market share, Magento is the market leader and is known for its reliable performance and scalability. Ideal for enterprise-level businesses, Magento offers best user experience, complete customization as its open source, huge amount of plugins for comprehensive features and strong SEO support.


One of the most simple open source platforms, OpenCart is popular among small business with unlimited number of products. The easy to use backend, feature-rich plugins and lesser load on server are some of the great things that OpenCart has to offer. So if you are looking for a simple and easy to set eCommerce platform without much technical knowledge, then OpenCart is for you.


If you are fan of WordPress, then WooCommerce is for you. It’s one of the leading open source eCommerce platforms for WordPress with seamless and easy integration. With large number of plugins and themes available, WooCommerce is more user-friendly and cost effective eCommerce solution that can get your store online.


With large number of stores using PrestaShop, it’s one of the popular names in eCommerce industry. Offering the most advanced shopping cart functionalities, PrestaShop is both easy to use and customize as per your needs. With robust backend support and thousands of modules to add on the store, PrestaShop can surely get your online store running quickly.

Every platform comes with its own benefits and loop holes but which one to choose ultimately depends on your needs, budget and technical support required to get the store online quickly. Alternatively, you can also choose various eCommerce website development companies available in the market. These companies with their years of expertise can guide you with robust web development services fully customizable as per your budget.