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5 Best AngularJS Tools For Developers

Web development has come a long way. Thanks to the evolution of AngularJS, developers can create interactive web apps and provide dynamic solutions to the users. For efficient and flawless development experience, Here are 5 Best AngularJS Development Tools you can use.

WebClues Global


Powered by JetBrains, WebStorm has what it takes to give you a productive environment to write AngularJS code. WebStorm has a section where you can preview the output of your written code and make changes as per your wish. This way, you no longer have to refresh the page or the code to see the result.

This tool allows you to debug and run your tests with Mocha, Karma, Protector, etc. and lets you work with several VSC along with GitHub, Git, Mercurial, etc. WebStrom is trusted by Angular and other industry leaders like Sales force, Booking.com, Expedia, BMW, etc. who utilize this IDE to write and debug their code.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a multipurpose and renowned editor. It is a sophisticated platform with an intuitive user interface through which you can smoother your coding procedure. Sublime understands the routine hustles of the developers, and that’s why they have made some exciting and helpful shortcuts for their users. You can switch and open any file you want by pressing Ctrl+P and start typing the name, once you find your desired record, you can hit enter and start editing.

The editing of the code is probably the best and unique feature of this tool. With just a couple of clicks, the editor allows you to multi-edit your AngularJS snippets and applies multiple changes at the same time.


Testing is an essential element for developing robust and productive code. Developers should get an environment where they can instantly develop and test their system without wasting any time. Karma is one of the best testing tools for AngularJS. You can check your code on real browsers and devices without paying anything for using this tool thanks to Karma being open source and managed by the community at Github.


Runs of Node.js, Mocha provide an exceptional testing environment for the developers and testers to optimize and debug their AngularJS code in versatile conditions. Developed and maintained by the contributors, Mocha can streamline your asynchronous testing flawlessly. This is an open-source tester, and that makes it freely available for everyone to use.

Angular Kickstart

A project should focus on solving people’s problems and give a one-stop solution as a web app. While working on AngularJS development, a developer has to maintain multiple things to provide intuitive and successful AngularJS app to the people. Angular Kickstart solves the problem by taking care of development and testing at one place. This tool structures your project and optimizes the code.

You should only think about the logic and how you wish to develop your app, and the miscellaneous tasks will be taken care of by Angular Kickstart.