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5 Quick Holiday Marketing Tweaks Your eCommerce Shop Needs Online & Offline

With the holiday season nearing its end, you need to make the best of what you can in order to make those sales and increase the popularity of your eCommerce shop by being the perfect solution for this time of year.

5 Quick Holiday Marketing Tweaks Your eCommerce Shop Needs Online & Offline

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

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The holiday season is quickly reaching its finale. So, no matter how well you have performed during the important dates that have passed, you still need to make the best out of the remaining days in terms of both online and offline marketing. The final big holiday that you can set your efforts up for is New Year’s Eve. This is still a major date for the majority of countries, so you can still make a lot of sales if you do everything right.

First of all, remember the fact that the perfect marketing strategy is the one that makes use of both its online and offline counterparts. Your task is to cover all bases, or, in other words, reach every possible member of your audience. While some people will learn about your products via your digital marketing campaign, others will find out about you in the “real world”, and therefore decide to look you up.

So, with NYE around the corner, it is high time you’ve implemented some quick holiday marketing tweaks in order to make the best out of this year’s finale in terms of visibility and sales.

Come up with a branded holiday hashtag

The fact is that hashtags are now a truly powerful thing on social media channels. They are a key factor to engagement, and if you use ones that are branded, rather than generic ones (like #HappyNewYear), you will surely drive the attention to yourself. In other words, a branded holiday hashtag makes it possible for you to rule the search feeds for all the phrases that matter to you. The first step is to come up with a hashtag that is catchy and easily comprehensible for your audience. Of course, it needs to be as related as it can be to your brand. Then, just use it in every possible marketing message that you will be sending out during the season. You want to be consistent, so that that particular tag becomes recognizable and trendy.

Start your campaign with a hashtag in the form of “YOURBRANDGiftTips”. Then just let it spread and make sure that you engage with anyone who is interested in the tag and had any questions about it.


On the other hand, there is a lot of value in face-to-face interactions with people. Find pretty much any opportunity where you can attend an event hosted by a local branch of an organization or association, and get personal with people. After all, people love putting a face to a name, and the good old firm handshake still does miracles. If you have been doing this for some time, then you quite probably have an opportunity for a speaking arrangement, where you are going to talk about your company and products in front of a fully primed audience.

Since it is your intention to draw attention to your eCommerce website, don’t be picky and avoid speaking arrangements where you aren’t going to get paid. Grab any opportunity that you can get, as this is where you will get in touch with a lot of prospective customers and spark their interest and make them feel like they can trust you.

Make full use of TV and radio ads

It’s undeniable that TV and radio ads still have a strong impact on your audience. The best part is that you can extend this to the online realm as well. After running a campaign that people can see or hear on their favorite channel/station, you can convert those items into video and audio files that you can use for creating ads on YouTube. It’ll enable you to focus directly on a particular audience, and also link to your website.

Make use of branded promotional items

Another thing that definitely works well with your customers and prospects sharing free branded promotional items. If there is any trade how happening any time soon, make sure that you are there. You will be able to present your product, get in touch with people, and, of course, share a variety of items that they are going to carry around, and, in a way, become your brand ambassadors. According to experts, such as those at Allstar Graphics, it is a brilliant idea to print branded clothing and share it with people. It’s a way to truly boost brand awareness, as both your employees and people that you give your branded shirts away to will wear them and basically be a walking form of a billboard.

Not only will your customers do a part of your marketing for you, but you will also create a professional image for yourself, and have employees who are wearing your shirts feel the team spirit.

Use push notifications properly

If your business has a mobile app that helps people browse and order your products, then you should make use of push notifications during the holiday season. However, there is a pretty thin line between doing it right and wrong. You certainly don’t want to spam and annoy your customers. What you do want is to periodically send out notifications that are formulated in a way that boosts engagement.

For example, you can tell your customers tell people what they have to do in order to be the stars of the season in terms of gift-giving. Make them feel an ease by letting them know that there’s no need to worry since you’ve got them covered, because you can suggest the perfect gift for their loved ones.

In summation

With the holiday season nearing its end, you need to make the best of what you can in order to make those sales and increase the popularity of your eCommerce shop by being the perfect solution for this time of year.

You may have missed some important dates, but there is still New Year’s Eve, and you can make an effort to be successful for this particular holiday, and also take notes for 2019.