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5 Strategies of Brand building

5 Strategies of Brand building

Saturday July 25, 2020,

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Spending too much on promoting a brand can of course make it viral. But making worth the cost with an ‘Organic’ reach, that actually yields profits is somewhat a task. How can it be done by our Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, People belonging to the profession of sales and marketing? Slow spending over a period of time rather than hyping it up a lot at once, may not prove fruitful.



More than trying to promote the product, but connecting to the direct and organic audience even if it played on the radio, it must remain in the minds of the people. An emotion that triggers their minds, and they will be drawn to buying that product without any hesitation, expressed in the speech, the oratory or the content being showcased. More feeling rather than information. Taking the example of Samsung who gained a J-curve in their sales after displaying an emotional ad, rather than informative one. A socially responsible built story. “Extreme feeling is a seed giving father to the recall value”

Socially responsible emotional story

Social responsible emotional story

Not to make the audience cry, but make them move an emotion sitting in the chair that might hit the right chords of evil experiences that they might be facing, due to social arrogance or orthodox practices that are still practiced in our country and a legally banned, such a dowry, women empowerment, toilet hygiene awareness, educational rights for underage kids, etc.

Attention Seeking Potential

attention seeking potential

Bad beginnings remark grabbing attention of the ones who can easily control the channels in their hand and hence make them stick till the end to understand the creativity behind making such content. Which is also a way of gaining organic reach where people share it automatically to gain a funny or a questionable scenario at the end resolving hidden messages. Using a testimonial route of social proof. E.g. Indian medical association approving of Dettol. Do not spoon feed your audience, to gain a delightful experience.

Call for action with a beautiful Jingle

call for action with a beautiful jingle

An addictive melody that people carry with them and spontaneously respond to when heard unexpectedly and are a great way to make your brand reach every heart subconsciously. Lines that also have a call to action for moving to a better thinking with a melody they can’t resist but mumble slowly. 

Exaggerate the insecurity and fear

Exaggerate the insecurity and fear

When fears are magnified and glorified, they attain a sense of need as well as power to reach to people and society to which is also beneficial with social acceptance as well Individuality that attains loyalty for a brand who spoke for it first with a designable name which everyone can easily digest, with a sense of compulsion and urgency. 

Referential guide taken form Dr.Vivek Bindra and putting them one by one for a precise business analysis and better understanding when most needed. 

Quarantine can prove to be a time of fruitful activities. Make it a moment of analytical start to a fresh face with your flaws, identified and unknown errors, rectified.

Hope you enjoy the process of learning and creating with the best digital marketing agency in surat !