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Actions to be kept in mind for a HR

Wednesday May 17, 2017,

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Human Resource(HR)are the persons who are responsible for selecting any suitable person in a company or business and in any sector. It is very important for them to take necessary action on the people attending the interview. They should be able to filter the employees among all the people who are going to attend the interview.

For that purpose, it is planned in such a way to have many rounds to select each person. Depending on the company different rounds are planned. Rounds include Aptitude exam,English vocabulary/ Business communication, Technical round and HR round.

Aptitude and English Rounds are some basic rounds for freshers to test their knowledge and problem-solving skills. Some may focus on tough questions and some on time limit. If eligible for next round then Technical round which includes questions about subjects of the branch they studied. Extra rounds like Group Discussions on general topics and Just a minute, Debates etc to see person’s ability to think on various topics.

After filtering out from so many rounds, HR comes to conclusion whom to select.

Also, they have to keep an eye on the following activities

1. how many employees are moving out and how many are coming in.

2. How many vacant seats are available in each project.

3. Of which band seats are available

4. How much they need to invest in new employees etc

These are all some of the activities they should continuously work on. This is called HR predictive analytics.

Also, some kind of Chat Assessment is also available for them to discuss on all the topics where employees have doubt. About the portal,they have to log in and claim their hours. Also, to discuss all the problems they are facing.

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