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10 profitable manufacturing business ideas

10 profitable manufacturing business ideas

Monday December 11, 2017,

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It is a mistake to think that to start a successful business we need a lot of capital, there are enough profitable businesses that we can start and maybe we have seen them but we never thought we could open them ourselves. The truth is that we can start a business with very little capital that with its growth and our commitment, we can turn it into a high profitability activity.


While with regard to the business idea, this should arise from our most intimate passions and preferences, since it has been shown that people who start a business that they do not like, are more likely to fail.

Having understood this, it is time to see the profitable business ideas options of $ 0 to $ 200 or dollars that we have for you.

Below I share a list of very practical business ideas that you can easily start making a minimal investment.

Manufacture and sale of handicrafts

The idea is really taken from how easy and economical it is to make a special and flavored soap. But it can be extrapolated to any type of product you can make from home, without the need for any special machinery. In this way, you can promote both online sales and offline. By setting it up as a company, with proper marketing strategies, you can start a business with a minimum investment.

Creation of blogs, webs and online marketing

The downside of this business is that if you do not have knowledge about the subject you must invest a lot of time in acquiring them, but once you have them there are plenty of opportunities to advise, direct and create projects, both for companies and individuals.

Offer professional services on the Internet

It is an idea similar to the previous one but rather focused on some type of area where you are comfortable. The fact of separating both fields is due to the fact that in the previous one there may be many more opportunities to find clients that, for example, you are dedicated to offering a foreign trade advisory service over the Internet. In any case, this type of service is not negligible.

If you are positioned in any field you can take advantage of your knowledge and experience to give advice or any professional service through the network as if it were a traditional office.

Sales consultant for eBay or Amazon

There are many people who want to get rid of a lot of utensils of all kinds which are accumulating dust in their storage rooms. There you come into play. These people usually have no idea how to place their products for an online sale. You can also advise companies that want to start with online sales and need to take the first steps and even an exclusive salesperson through this channel.

Design and sell online courses

Returning to what has been said above about exploiting your knowledge and skills, it is common that through the Internet you have the opportunity to commercialize teaching about your field of work in which you consider yourself an expert. In this way you will obtain regular income by training new professionals.

Sell custom clothes

It is as simple as having the right providers to provide you with the material and services. The creativity and customer contact to meet their requests run from your account.

Second-hand goods store

The sale of second-hand items is a business as old as profitable. Now, you will have to test your intuition to acquire items that you know can be subsequently sold for a higher price. The negotiation and bargaining are the order of the day in this business.

Care for the elderly

You will need a dose of patience, as well as affection with our elders. For the rest, it is a job in which you can offer services in an area of your locality. It is also required to be responsible.


These businesses also involve sharing our knowledge and experience with other people, but they have the particularity that the teaching is provided one to one (although in some cases it can also be provided as a group) and that it can be given both in our house as in the customer's home.

• English classes: private English classes are usually required, especially by parents who want their children to master this language.

• Mathematics classes: Private math classes are also usually in high demand, especially by parents who want their children not to fail this subject at school.

• computer classes: computer classes are also quite often required, especially by parents who want their young children to start early with the good use of a computer.

• Guitar lessons: if you like playing the guitar and you consider yourself good at it, it could be the time to follow your hobby and offer guitar lessons.

• piano lessons: if you like to play the piano and you are very good at it, it might also be time to take advantage of your skills and provide piano lessons.

Internet Business

Internet businesses can also be considered home-based businesses since in most cases they can be managed from the comfort of our home.

Virtual shop of t-shirts: the t-shirts, shirts or t-shirts usually have enough demand in Internet since they are a product by which the buyer could hardly be dissatisfied once he has it in his hands.

Virtual wine store: wines also tend to have a good demand in this medium, so if you like wines and you are an expert in the subject, you could choose to set up a virtual wine store.

Local craft shop: local crafts also have a good demand on the Internet, so if you would like to introduce the culture of your locality to the world, you could choose to create a local craft store.

A blog that generates advertising revenue: if you like to write and you master a particular topic, you could choose to create a blog and generate income through the advertising you get to place on it.

Affiliate program on the Internet: more and more people are generating income through affiliate programs on the Internet, which pay you commissions for the sales you make of third-party products. 

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